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How to take care of your red?

We love red hair which offers an incredible palette of shades , from fresh and sunny copper to deep and woody mahogany, passing by flamboyant red... However, red can fade (too) quickly, and give way to a halftone color . Do not panic: some tips and recommendations allow you to enjoy your pretty color for longer .

Many of you succumb to Caroline Receveur's redhead which suits her perfectly and ask us the same thing! We understand you: it is often the flagship color of autumn , and we like to prolong the pleasure by keeping it in winter. Comforting, it warms up all browns and illuminates the lightest tones.

Roux Caroline Receiver

However, as sublime as it is, the red is not always easy to wear, nor to maintain. Here is a small guide of good practices to accompany you towards this color wink


Various coloring techniques

Don't worry: red is not the most difficult color to obtain, far from it! On the contrary, you can easily obtain copper shades in all types of hair.

However, depending on the color of your base, and the expected result, the coloring technique will be different, and the process will be more or less complex .

Blondes, you are the luckiest : you can usually afford a gloss directly in the salon, to deposit copper pigments on your blonde. All shades of red are possible, from the lightest to the darkest. However, if you are dark blond and want a very light copper, you will need to lighten your hair beforehand.

Brunettes, it depends on your wish . For color in shades similar to your base or darker, the Gloss is perfect. But for a light copper, same thing as for dark blonds: it will then be necessary to lighten by bleaching . Do not panic ! This discoloration is light and less drastic than going from brown to blonde, for example.

At the Tuccinardi salon, discoloration + pigmentation (Gloss) are the two essential steps of our Signature Balayage .

Coppery red - Tuccinardi

Red for everyone?

If the red offers very varied shades , it does not suit all skin tones. A pale complexion can allow itself all shades of copper , from Venetian blond to brown red.

But for a more tanned, matte or olive complexion , it is better to forget very light copper or too orange, to turn instead to warmer reds, with mahogany nuances.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice in DM Insta or even better, to book a consultation with our colorist experts, directly in DM Insta smile


Whatever our hair type (straight, wavy, curly, curly, frizzy), we can try red without any restrictions!

Coppery red - Tuccinardi Alternatives to roux

If you are tempted by red but are afraid of too drastic a change, or you are not sure that it will suit you, or that you will like it, there are alternatives. smile

It is quite possible to proceed in stages to gently approach this transformation, or prefer to create a set of reflections and nuances in our hair:

  • We can opt for a tone-on-tone coloring (a Gloss), which will bring pretty highlights to our hair, in a uniform way.
  • With the Gloss, we can also slightly darken our base for a slightly deeper red.
  • On the other hand, we can choose to lighten and copper certain locks of our hair, without touching the roots, thanks to a Signature Balayage.
  • Finally, a repigmentant can be used to test a color temporarily, without any consequences : the repigmentant does not sensitize the hair, and leaves no trace when it fades. (more details below)

Preserving the red is first of all preserving a hair that has been pigmented more or less strongly and which deserves special attention . We then focus on moisturizing and repairing treatments , for which we have prepared a rigorous selection for you.

A moving color

Red is a color that moves ! Its nuances evolve over the weeks, depending on how often we wash, our exposure to external aggressions, and the care we provide in return.

It is indeed a sensitive color, perhaps the most difficult to maintain (but not impossible!). Thomas often repeats it on his Insta : red pigments are the pigments that bleed the most easily .


A repigmentant is frequently used

The essential! Perhaps the only product that will save your color wink

This pigmented treatment is used to maintain color, approximately every two weeks , instead of conditioner or mask. It gives maximum radiance to your color, intensifies it, and endows it with new shades.

Three repigmenting shades are for red hair: copper, mahogany, and purple red . You can choose the one that comes closest to your color, choose another that will temporarily alter your highlights, or even mix two shades together.

It is also possible to mix these red shades with the chestnut repigmentant , to obtain a deeper, darker color. Several results are possible according to your wishes smile

Copper Evo repigmenting treatment - 11.00 32.00

Red purple Evo repigmenting care - 11.00 32.00

Chestnut Evo repigmenting treatment - 11.00 32.00

copper evo repigmenting treatment - Tuccinardi

Red purple Evo repigmenting treatment - €11.00 – €32.00

We adopt an optimal hair routine

If repigmentation is essential, accompanying it with an optimal care routine is the best way to preserve its color and shine . It is also the condition to keep a healthy and vigorous hair.

Thus, we offer two different skincare routines, depending on the technique performed at the salon:

  • A rich routine for the Signature Balayage;
  • A lighter routine for Gloss.

Coppery red - Tuccinardi

Case N°1: You performed a Signature Scan

We often tell you about it, rightly so, as the virtues of our two iconic brands are numerous: Olaplex & Tokio Inkarami , of course! To find out more, we invite you to consult our article dedicated to colored/glossed hair which explains the importance of adopting one or the other of these two ranges, or ideally, of alternating the two. smile



A pre-shampoo treatment to repair the hair and fill it with good active ingredients: Olaplex's best-selling duo , N°0 and N°3, to be used once a week .


A gentle protective shampoo , such as N°4 from Olaplex where the Tokyo shampoo . You can then use the Tokio Inkarami treatment , which is applied over the Tokio shampoo (only if the first step has not been carried out).


A richer conditioner (after-shampoo) or mask to hydrate, detangle and protect your hair: N°5 where the No. 8 at Olaplex, or the Home mask at Tokyo.


A repigmentant to intensify your color and fight against bleeding, once every two to three weeks : the Evo repigmentant .


A leave-in (care without rinsing) to maintain hair hydration, facilitate styling, and protect against UV rays and other external aggressions: styling cream N°6 , the repairing oil N°7 , the serum N°9 at Olaplex or Tokio care oil .

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