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On Instagram , you ask us a lot of questions about the difference between each of our services . The terms are not necessarily very explicit for neophytes… so sometimes you find it difficult to choose what would suit you best . If you feel a little lost, here is an article that should help you see things more clearly


As you have surely noticed, our salon works on a flat-rate basis , classified into four main groups of services : Balayages, Glosses, Colors and Treatments.

Signature Scan

Our flagship service: Signature scan allows to lighten the hair to bring it both luminosity, radiance and depth by playing on contrasts. Subtle and delicate , it erases the root effect for natural regrowth. Depending on your wishes (and the health of your hair), lightening can be light as well as very advanced . Sometimes, we prefer to lighten gradually – that is to say, over several months, thanks to several Balayages – so as not to sensitize an already weakened hair.

Signature Scan: Before/After

Signature Scan Service

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The Gloss is a color-care , tone on tone, which enhances the shine and radiance of your hair. It intensifies existing reflections, neutralizes unwanted reflections or brings new nuances. The Gloss can darken the hair but cannot lighten it. Very good results are obtained with a Gloss alone : ​​indeed, according to your wishes, the Gloss is sufficient on its own. Otherwise, it is very interesting to complete and maintain a Signature Balayage . Thus, the Gloss is included in your Balayage Signature service.

Gloss Before / After

Gloss service

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The Color is a permanent color , called oxidation. We recommend this service only in the event of a lot of white hair at the roots (60% minimum). We apply the Color only on the roots and favor the Gloss on the lengths.


Finally, we offer you two treatments that the whole Tucci Team loves! The Tokio treatment , or the Olaplex treatment. Both very efficient, they are nevertheless different – ​​and complementary. The Tokio treatment revitalizes the hair by providing it with keratin , while the Olaplex treatment has the power to repair broken bridges in the hair. We use Olaplex N°2 and N°4IN1 products, reserved for professionals.

Two distinct benefits, for two different actions, and for an optimal result : repaired and strengthened hair, more resistant to breakage and the formation of split ends.

Olaplex treatment: Before/After

Olaplex care service

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In each of these groups, a minimum basic package is offered to you, to which you can add one or more services.


Signature Scan

  • Signature Balayage + Gloss + Olaplex Treatment + Cut + Brushing/Waves
  • Signature Balayage + Gloss + Olaplex Treatment + Cut + Tokio Treatment + Brushing/Waves


  • Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Brushing/waves
  • Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Cut + Brushing/waves
  • Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Tokyo treatment + Brushing/waves
  • Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Tokyo treatment + Cut + Brushing/waves


  • Root color + Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Brushing/waves
  • Root color + Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Cut + Brushing/waves
  • Root color + Gloss + Olaplex treatment + Tokyo treatment + Brushing/waves
  • Root color + Gloss + Olaplex care + Tokyo treatment + Cut + Brushing/waves


  • Tokio treatment + Brushing/waves
  • Tokio treatment + Cut + Brushing/waves
  • Olaplex deep treatment + Haircut + Brushing/waves

Good to know


We also do custom extensions . We do not indicate the price of our extensions because it varies enormously according to your hair and your wish, it is for this reason that a consultation is essential before the service . It allows us to assess the condition of your hair and establish an estimate accordingly.


To book a consultation, for a hair diagnosis and / or an extension quote, this is done ONLY in private messages on Instagram , for logistical questions. THANKS smile


We don't have any shops per se. However, for Lyonnais and Lyonnaises, you can go to the show to choose your products, rather than ordering on the e-shop. Don't forget to ask us in private messages on Instagram for the code of the front door wink

Our recommendations

It is recommended to perform a Signature Scan every six months . To maintain it, two Glosses are recommended during these six months of latency.

At home, we advise you to favor treatments formulated for colored hair, such as the Olaplex range , and to adopt the Dream Filter which reboosts the color by detoxifying your hair.

Finally, the repigmenting treatments , which fade after about 15 days , are like a mini gloss at home. They intensify existing reflections, neutralize unwanted reflections, or bring new reflections according to your preferences. They allow you to wait between two services. It's up to you to test and play with your reflections. 😉

Repigmentant Evo: Before/After

Repigmenting Evo


A la carte services

  • Can I book for a cut only?

We do not offer this type of service. It is therefore not possible to book a cut alone but you can benefit from it with your Balayage package, Color package, Gloss package, and even with the Tokio treatment.

  • I do not want an Olaplex treatment, only Balayage, is it possible?
No. All our techniques are performed using Olaplex products, N°1 and N°2, which are reserved for professionals. Olaplex contains a unique and revolutionary molecule that significantly reduces hair sensitization, protects and repairs it. Our ethics consider that it is essential to provide you with this Olaplex treatment in order to preserve your hair and thus obtain an impeccable result. It is unthinkable for us to offer it as an option: the health of your hair depends on it.
  • Can I do a Gloss on the roots and a Gloss on the lengths?
It's possible ! However, it is no longer a Gloss package but a Color package .

The differences between the services

  • What is the difference between Gloss & Coloration?

The Gloss is what is called a semi-permanent coloring, or even a “tone on tone”. It does not penetrate deep into the hair and eventually fades, leaving no demarcation. It is recommended to renew your Gloss every 6 to 10 weeks on average. It is not at all sensitizing and even constitutes a care for your hair. It is used when you have less than 60% white hair.

The coloring is permanent, it is an oxidation color. It irreparably modifies the internal structure of the hair, and only the regrowth makes it possible to find a natural hair. It is mainly used to camouflage white hair, when you have a lot of it.

Do not hesitate to watch our permanent stories Gloss on Instagram smile

  • What is the difference between Gloss & Patina?

Gloss and Patina are chemically different, although their purposes are the same. The patina oxidizes the hair and can give bad warm or orange reflections to the evolution. Its PH is alkaline, which is not good for the hair. The Gloss has an acid PH, close to the PH of the hair. It thus respects the hair and allows a beautiful evolution over time.

Once again, you will find all the useful information in our permanent stories Gloss on Instagram !

Choose your service

  • How to choose between Balayage Signature & Gloss?

It depends on the base of your hair and the desired result. If your desired result is lighter than your base, you will need some lightening. Only the Balayage Signature allows this clarification. Gloss is a tone-on-tone color.

  • My hair is damaged but I would like to lighten it, is it possible?

In case of damaged hair, or if your last discoloration/coloration is recent, we strongly advise you to book a diagnostic consultation, before your service. It will allow us to assess the condition of your hair and perform a test wick to ensure its resistance.

  • I hesitate between the Tokio treatment or the Olaplex treatment, which one should I choose?
We invite you to book any one and a member of the team will advise you on D-Day wink

You can also consult our dedicated article to find out more.

  • I don't really know what I want, what would look good on me, or what can be done on my hair...

We recommend that you book a consultation to get the opinion of a professional, who will guide you in your choice. smile

  • Can I book a consultation and a service on the same day?

In general we are complete over three months. We advise you to anticipate to book your service so as not to stay too long in need. On the other hand, you can book a consultation more easily because we have more slots available. Since the consultation lasts a quarter of an hour, we benefit from carrying it out at the same time as we leave a color or a treatment on someone else.


  • What kind of extensions do you use?

These are adhesive strips, “tapes”. They should be reassembled every 8 weeks to adapt them to natural regrowth.

  • I put extensions in another living room. Can you bring them back to me?

Unfortunately no. We are sorry but we prefer to take care of extensions from A to Z, from diagnosis to installation, up to maintenance.

  • I live far from your living room. Is it possible to carry out the diagnostic consultation in video?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. The diagnostic consultation allows us to analyze your hair and take into account all the parameters necessary for the future installation of extensions. It is essential for us to really see your hair, to be able to touch it etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us directly on Instagram!


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