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Luna's Pink October: her secret project

Last week, you were thousands to discover Luna's story , which certainly did not leave you indifferent. Your many warm and tender reactions, and your words of encouragement and strength for Luna have filled our hearts 💌. Throwback to this incredible day by his side, special Pink October 💖 .


Luna is a very brave and adorable young woman, who pushed the door of our living room on Tuesday, October 04 for a secret project . It was she who contacted us from our Instagram account to offer us her idea, which we immediately liked.


As you know, Thomas is a passionate colorist expert, who sublimates women's hair. His clientele is exclusively female , by choice: he loves to restore all these women's self-confidence, respond to their desires and hopes, and see them shine. Particularly sensitive to their cause , he did not hesitate for a single second when Luna came to find him to offer him a crazy project: to dye his hair pink for Pink October .

“Because 93% of my community are women, it was unthinkable for me to refuse. We met Luna very quickly and we immediately matched: we share the same values ​​and the desire to raise awareness among as many people as possible.” Thomas Tuccinardi

Luna's Pink October - Before - TuccinardiLuna's Pink October - After - Tuccinardi

Indeed, Luna is affected by a breast cancer and she will soon start chemotherapy, which will cause her hair to fall out at the end of October. She therefore wanted to treat herself to one last hair pleasure and entrusted her hair and her privacy to Thomas. Moved by his story, and honored by his trust, Thomas carried out this “ Pink October ” project on Tuesday, October 04, 2022 🎀 .

In addition to supporting a meaningful project, it was a real challenge for Thomas: it was the first time he had embarked on flash coloring, which is not part of his expertise. A magic carte blanche , therefore, which revealed sublime pink hues.

Discover the result of this day rich in emotions:

Elle Magazine even devoted a article to Luna and her Pink October special project 💕

Luna's Pink October - Shades - Tuccinardi


Luna wanted to leave you a nice message:

“I'm Luna, I'm 26 and I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer on July 27, 2022. After feeling a lump in my left breast, I decided to go see my gynecologist . The diagnosis came in and everything happened very quickly… I had breast surgery in August and I'm going to start chemotherapy in a few weeks. Since I am already fighting against a serious pathology (RCH) over the past two years, I have learned to put things into perspective and always remain positive. I wanted to mark the occasion on the occasion of the launch of the Pink October 2022 campaign . dye my pink hair seemed obvious to me, because we know that prevention, whatever its form, can save lives. Thomas being an exceptional hairdresser, I took the initiative to contact him to talk to him about this cause that was so close to my heart... We very quickly realized that we shared the same desire to raise women's awareness of this subject, regardless of their age. What a great opportunity this month dedicated to breast cancer screening , to bring its stone to the building and remind all women that it doesn't only happen to others! I am proud to have done this project and grateful to have been able to do it with Thomas, Mary, and their team, because they produced an extraordinary work. Thanks to them for their investment and commitment.


Luna's Pink October - Tuccinardi


The whole team is sincerely touched to have shared this beautiful moment with Luna, who amazed us by his strength, tenacity and resilience . At only 26 years old, she is the mother of a five-year-old boy and is already battling an autoimmune disease. It is therefore a new test that she faces, with so much wisdom and humility .

There ulcerative colitis (UCH) is a chronic inflammation of the intestinal wall. Luna gave an interview for the Girl Scouts to tell her daily life. A real fighter 💖

Many thanks to you Luna.

Thank you for your countless shares.

We are counting on you to carry his gesture and his message even further. It's very precious 💖


In France, 1 in 8 women lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. If detected and taken care of early enough, the Recovery is possible in 90% of cases . It is therefore essential to raise awareness of this disease in order to encourage regular screening .

What are the warning signs?

Pink October - Warning signs - Tuccinardi

Source: Pink-Ribbon.be


Take care of yourself 💖

Adele, Content Manager

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