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Tokio Inkarami Premium, the new luxurious protocol!

Like us, you loved Tokio treatments and you thought until then that it was impossible to do better? You know the Platinum range, now discover the Tokio Inkarami Premium range !

Tokio Inkarami treatments designate a whole very high-tech protocol that restructures and strengthens the hair fiber from the inside. If the Platinum protocol , which you already know, has been a hit for several years, a brand new protocol is now emerging in France. This is the Tokio Premium protocol , intended for very sensitized hair. Richer, even more concentrated , it retains all the technology of Platinum, adding nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients. This Premium protocol has existed for several years in Japan, and the whole Tucci Team is super excited to finally let you discover it ☺️

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Treatment + Signature Balayage (no cut)

Tokio Inkarami Premium - Tuccinardi

➡️ we can see the improvement of the forks.


The Tokio protocol is above all a five-step professional ritual that you can discover in the salon. On the strength of this success, the Japanese brand then offered a home care line to be used in the form of a cure, once every ten to fifteen days : this is the Platinum protocol. From now on, Premium products enrich the Tokio offer and constitute the stages of the new protocol.

Good to know: it is not necessary to have benefited from the Tokio protocol in the salon whether it is the Platinum protocol or the Premium protocol to start using the products intended for the home.

Tokio-Inkarami-Premium Range

The Tokio Inkarami Premium protocol , at home, is carried out in three stages . It is composed of two cleansing products, to be used in the shower, and a leave-in (styling product).

  1. The shampoo
  2. The treatment
  3. The mist

Apply Tokio Inkarami Premium skincare

As in the Platinum protocol, we find the shampoo and the treatment, which both act in synergy because their molecules merge together. We first apply the shampoo, we remove the excess foam and we apply over the treatment. The ideal is to use the Scalp Brush at this time to evenly distribute the care and optimize its penetration. Leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing it off.

Then, on towel-dried and still damp hair , spray the mist (also called Air Treatment ) which has several virtues:

  • Continue the treatment because it is also a treatment in its own right, which penetrates deep into the hair and regenerates it;
    • Facilitate styling and sublimate the hair: it contains a texturizing agent , the ceracute, which allows to sheath the hair and to maintain the brushing. Shape memory effect.

    Focus on the Premium Mist

    The particularity of this mist is that it is the only Tokio product to benefit from a new technology : it has in its formula a CMC repair agent, vegetamide . The CMC is a complex of cell membranes on the surface of the hair, and it can be damaged on a daily basis due to various exposures that are harmful to it. It is what allows the exchange between the inside and the outside of the hair, so it is important to keep it in good condition to guarantee the health of the hair hence the interest of this repairing agent .

    Mist Tokio Inkarami Premium m - 66,00

    Tokio Inkarami Premium Shampoo - 55.00 110.00

    Tokio Inkarami Premium Treatment - 57.00 120.00

    Tokio Inkarami Premium Mist - Tuccinardi

    Tokio Inkarami Premium Shampoo - Tuccinardi

    Tokio Inkarami Premium Treatment Tuccinardi

    Thomas' Tips

    “If your hair is thirsty and very damaged, you can use the Home mask in the third step of the protocol, after the treatment, and before the mist. It will provide additional hydration and serve as a conditioner to smooth the hair fiber and facilitate detangling.”

    “If your hair supports the layering of styling products, and if like me you find it difficult to do without Oil tokio 😜, you can put a few drops of oil before the mist. Thermoprotective and thermoactive , the oil helps to tighten the cuticles for maximum shine, and to obtain a mirror effect with drying.”


    The Premium range takes up the high technology of the Platinum range, adding moisturizing and nourishing ingredients . Richer, more concentrated, it better meets the needs of very dry and very sensitized hair . If the Platinum is already very hydrating, the Premium range goes even further in the care. We thus find repairing agents such as silk and collagen, and moisturizing agents such as 18MEA or squalane.

    Platinum range : moderately sensitized, fine, medium or thick hair ➡️ all hair types.

    Premium range : very sensitized, fine, medium or thick hair ➡️ especially very dry and very damaged hair.

    Tokio Inkarami Premium, for whom?

    As you will have understood, the two ranges are aimed at all hair thicknesses . What will determine whether your hair appreciates the Premium range or not is less its thickness than its porosity . Thus, you can have fine but very porous hair, which absorbs everything. In this case, the Premium range could perfectly suit you 😉

    If your hair is not very porous and fine, it is certainly better to stay on the Platinum range which will provide you with the right dosage of hydration for the balance of your hair . It's not because the Premium range is richer that it is necessarily better: it is indeed better for very damaged hair, but is less suitable for less porous hair!

    We can't wait to hear from you on this new range and discover your mermaid hair 😁

    Adele, Content Manager.

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