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Tokio Inkarami Premium or Platinum, which to choose? [+ guide]

Between Tokio Inkarami Premium or Platinum , does your heart hesitate? Here is the comparative guide to help you make your choice, without going wrong wink


  • The Tokio treatment is first and foremost a professional protocol applied in the salon. The brand then developed a range of equivalent care products, the Platinum range, to be used at home: this is the mini Tokio .
  • It is not necessary to have benefited from the Tokio protocol in the salon to start the protocol at home.

Let's go back to the success and effectiveness of the Platinum range to then explore the virtues of the new range.


The Platinum protocol is therefore Tokio Inkarami's first in-house range . It is made up of 4 different products and is carried out in 3 or 4 steps, depending on the needs of the hair. It is dedicated to all hair types and moderately sensitized hair , whether fine, medium or thick.

The advantages of the Tokio Platinum protocol

It is a treatment based on keratin , this protein naturally present in the hair. It is even one of its main components (97%!), but sometimes the reserves run out. Replenishing your hair with keratin means ensuring its good health. The result is repaired and restructured, soft and shiny hair .

Symptoms of hair lacking keratin:

  • Dry hair
  • Soft and brittle hair
  • Dull hair
  • Split ends and frizz

Why follow a whole protocol?

➡ Because it is he who will promote the penetration of keratin into the hair, and make sure it stays there! It is the succession of steps and the combination of the different active ingredients that simultaneously prepares the hair, provides it with keratin, and seals it all.

➡️ Tokio Inkarami's other flagship active ingredient is fullerene : a super powerful antioxidant that not only regenerates the scalp, but also has the power to penetrate to the cortex. It is this which then allows the keratin to be transported deep into the hair, without heat! Consequently, it also maintains the hydration of the hair by sealing it inside the fiber.

The four initial products, the Platinum

Tokio Inkarami Platinum - Tuccinardi

(Order of application)

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Shampoo / 50.00 95.00

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Treatment / €55.00 €100.00


Although we love the Tokio Platinum protocol, it has a small limit: it may be insufficient for women with very damaged hair . Indeed, these multiplied the protocols to obtain the expected results, or they could not do without step 3 (the Home mask) because they needed a lot of nutrition.

➡️ The Premium range is then aimed at these women, so that they have a richer protocol with immediate results. It is therefore a range dedicated to very sensitized hair , whether fine, medium or thick.

The Tokio Premium protocol is exactly the same as the Platinum protocol, with one difference: the fourth product, the “leave in”, is not the same. When the Platinum offers an oil, the Premium favors the mist. And guess what ? You can also overlap the two wink

➡️ Little tips to differentiate them: the Platinum range is silver and the Premium range is gold.

The advantages of the Tokio Premium protocol

The Premium protocol retains the key active ingredients that make the success of the Platinum protocol: keratin and fullerenes. Even richer, it brings more comfort and softness to damaged hair. Repairing agents like silk and collagen are added to the formula.

💡 An innovation : the mist, with a particular technology, which is not found in any other Tokio product: the Vegetamide CMC . CMC is the “cell membrane complex” that binds each cuticle together on the surface of the hair. It is he who regulates the exchange of matter between the inside and the outside of the hair. Nevertheless, it can be damaged by different environmental, chemical, thermal, mechanical exposures… La Brume Tokio Premium contains a repair solution for this CMC, in order to deactivate reactive chemicals on the hair and promote cell regeneration.

⚠️ The new range does not make the old one obsolete, nor less effective : it is certainly better suited to very damaged, very porous hair.

Premium news

We find the same classification and the same toponymy as the Platinum range.

Tokio Inkarami Premium - Tuccinardi

(Order of application)

⚠️ The Home mask is the same product, for the Premium range as the Platinum range.

Mist Tokio Inkarami Premium m - 66,00

Tokio Inkarami Premium Shampoo - 55.00 110.00

Tokio Inkarami Premium Treatment - 57.00 120.00

Tokio Inkarami Premium Mist - Tuccinardi

Tokio Inkarami Premium Shampoo - Tuccinardi


To choose between Tokio Inkarami Premium or Platinum, you can refer to these different criteria:

  • Hair in good condition or moderately sensitized;
  • low porosity hair;
  • Hair that gets greasy quickly;
  • Dehydrated hair.
  • Hair in good condition or moderately sensitized;
  • Porous hair;
  • Hair that appreciates rich care;
  • Dry hair.

➡️ Both ranges provide keratin, and thus meet the needs of dull, elastic, brittle, frizzy or swollen hair.

➡️ Both ranges are both moisturizing and nourishing, but the Premium range is even richer.

➡️ Both ranges are suitable for fine, medium or thick hair. Nevertheless, in As a general rule , the Platinum range will be more suitable for fine hair and the Premium range for thick hair. Ultra light, the Premium Mist is suitable for everyone.


A short lexical guide to Tokio products

The names of Tokio products are not always very simple, nor very explicit. For example, the treatment is called Platinum Treatment but the leave-in, tokio oil, is called Oil Treatment. The duplication of the term treatment can be confusing. However, we fully understand that the oil is a treatment that continues and perfects the treatment, just like the Premium mist, which is called Air Treatment.

👀 Have you noticed? 👀

In addition, some products are stamped with the brand name “ Inkarami ”, and others with the same slightly modified name, “ Outkarami ”. In fact, the “in” prefix highlights the fusion process inside the hair: Tokio products do not simply deposit keratin on the cuticle, they make it penetrate deep and allow it to fuse with the keratin. already present. The “out” prefix, on the other hand, emphasizes the action external to the hair: Outkarami products seal and smooth the cuticles for more hydration, softness and shine. Two different processes, therefore, for an ultra-complete protocol wink

The official names of the VS products The names that we retain:


Official name: Tokio IE Inkarami Platinum Shampoo

Selected name: Tokio Platinum Shampoo

Official name: Tokio IE Inkarami Platinum Treatment

Selected name: Tokio Platinum Treatment

Official Name: Tokio IE Outkarami Platinum Oil Treatment

Selected name: Tokio Platinum Oil

Official name: Tokio IE Inkarami Premium Shampoo

Selected name: Tokio Premium Shampoo

Official name: Tokio IE Inkarami Premium Treatment

Selected name: Tokio Premium Treatment

Official name: Tokio IE Outkarami Premium Air Treatment

Selected name: Brume Tokio Premium

The 4 steps of the Tokyo protocol

This guide is valid for both the Platinum protocol and the Premium protocol ! Only the 4th stage differs slightly smile


Wet your hair completely. Take a dab of shampoo between your hands. Distribute it evenly over the entire scalp. To aerate the foam and facilitate application, you can emulsify it with a little water.

If the first shampoo does not foam enough, there is no need to add product. Rinse your scalp completely and repeat the action with the same amount of product.


The treatment is superimposed on the shampoo . Do not rinse out the shampoo, but simply remove the excess foam with your hands.

Apply over the treatment to mid-lengths and ends – it will blend with the shampoo. The Scalp Brush is ideal for evenly distributing the product and allowing it to penetrate deeply. It increases the effects of the treatment tenfold.

Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes , under a hot towel for more efficiency, then rinse.

STEP 3 [optional]

Wring out your hair well by hand. Take a dab of the Home mask and emulsify the product in your hands to create a white and creamy texture. Spread it over your mid-lengths and ends, using the Scalp Brush .

Leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse.


Wring your hair well by hand and then in a towel. Three possibilities at this stage:

  • Use Tokio oil : on damp hair or on dry hair, but on damp hair it is better since the product is thermoactive.
  • Use the Tokio mist : on damp hair, before drying, to fix the hairstyle.
  • Layer the two : Distribute the oil on your still damp hair, on the lengths and ends. Spray mist if desired. Dries for a tenfold efficiency, and style your hair as you wish.

➡️ Tokio oil is thermoprotective and thermoactive : it protects your hair from heat, which makes it more effective by allowing it to smooth the cuticle. ➡️ The Tokio mist has a texturizing agent , ceracute, which coats the fiber and ensures the maintenance of the brushing. It is the perfect complement!

This care protocol is ideal to carry out as a cure, once every ten to fifteen days . Very complete, it brings you a “shot” of keratins whose effects last over several shampoos. If your hair is not very porous, if you feel that it is quickly weighed down by treatments or various products, do not hesitate to opt for the Platinum range which is more suitable. Nevertheless, if the Premium appeals to you (and we understand you), you can test it and reduce the frequency of use wink

We hope that this article will have allowed you to see more clearly between the two Tokio ranges , and that it will allow you to make the best choice for YOU!

So tell us, which Tokio Inkarami treatment is made for you?

Adele, Content Manager.

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