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Signature silk pillowcases: New

You've been waiting for them for a long time, so are we: our signature silk pillowcases are finally here, and they're hot! Designed in collaboration with Chillsilk. Pansies in two different designs. We make the presentations ?


Silk is a natural fiber obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. Silk fabrics are naturally soft, strong and shimmering . Exposed to light, they reveal reflections of various colors , unlike synthetic fabrics which only have white reflections.

What is the difference between silk and satin?

Silk is a material , while satin is a special weaving . Just as there are different materials, there are different ways to tangle the threads. Talking about “satin” as such doesn't really make sense. It is right to associate it with the fiber used . We can then find different types of satin:

  • silk satin (the most luxurious)
  • cotton sateen
  • linen sateen
  • wool sateen
  • polyester satin
  • nylon satin
  • satin of mixed fibers…

signature silk pillowcases - Tuccinardi

In fact, the satin crosses the threads in such a way that the final fabric is smoother . So, it reflects the light better on the upper side.

➡️ Silk satin is therefore doubly shiny , by the weaving technique which gives the shine, and by the very nature of the fiber used, silk, which is naturally shiny.

⚠️ Do not confuse silk and polyester satin , which are very often found on the market. It is cheaper, but of poor quality: it is a derivative of plastic. Silk satin is therefore the best option. for hair.

Why is silk so expensive?

Because it is a very noble fiber , whose virtues are numerous and recognized for several millennia. It's here luxury material par excellence . It is precious, because of its exceptional quality, but also because of the expertise and the many hours of work it requires.


For what types of hair?

Silk is suitable for all hair types . It is particularly good for dry and fragile hair , because it protects it from breakage and maintains its hydration. It is also suitable for oily hair whose sebum production it regulates.

Anecdote: The history of silk

The culture of silk was born in China from the middle of the third millennium BC . Legend has it that silk was discovered by a empress , XiLingJi, wife of the third Emperor of China known as HuangDi. As she drank tea in the shade of a mulberry tree in the garden of the imperial palace, a cocoon fell into his cup . Wanting to extract it from her drink, the young woman pulled on the wire and discovered that the cocoon could uncoil into a long, delicate fiber . Since then, she has been called the “ goddess of silk ” in Chinese mythology.

What are the virtues of silk?

signature silk pillowcases - Tuccinardi Silk is a natural, hypoallergenic and antibacterial material .

Very comfortable, it is thermoregulatory : in summer, it helps to cool down while in winter, it maintains the heat.

It thus promotes sleep. Its soft touch is very pleasant and its beauty is dazzling 😍

For the hair, its benefits are numerous:

- Silk maintains the hair's natural hydration, preserves its shine, and regulates sebum production.

- It protects the hair fiber and respects the type of your hair: whether straight or very textured, the hair retains its initial appearance, without the formation of additional knots, even after several hours of sleep ➡️ silk therefore preserves curls and prevents them from falling apart.

- Silk fights breakage and hair loss, neutralizes static electricity and prevents split ends.


Imagining silk pillowcases around our Balayage Signature then seemed obvious to us. We have had our pillowcases made to measure for a personalized result, like the Tuccinardi studio. Made from pure 19mm organic mulberry silk , they are of impeccable quality. Entirely natural , they are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100® , a label guaranteeing the absence of substances that are harmful or that can harm health and the environment.

A 100% silk pillowcase, worked around color. The color gradient from sand to brown evokes both blonde sweeps and browns, warm and comforting tones 🍁

silk & microfiber pillowcase - Sandy shade - Tuccinardi

silk & microfiber pillowcase - Melting shade - Tuccinardi

Square format: 65×65 cm - Closure with inside zip.

A double-sided pillowcase, 50% microfiber, 50% silk. A silk side for regular use and peaceful nights; a microfiber side to leave your hair care on all night ✨

The other advantages of our signature silk pillowcases:

➡️ They promote the regeneration process , optimal during the night.

➡️ You can space out your shampoos because your hair stays clean longer.

➡️ They facilitate styling or maintain your brushing overnight.

signature silk pillowcases - Tuccinardi


➡️ The ideal is to wash the pillowcase by hand or in the washing machine without exceeding the 30°C . Choose one special detergent for delicate linen or “wool and silk”, which does not contain bleaching agents which would damage the fibres.

Forget fabric softener .

✅ Preferably wring the pillowcase by hand , without twisting it, or in a machine at minimum power.

No dryer .

✅ Let your pillowcase dry in the open air , on a flat surface, avoiding direct sunlight.

➡️ Ironing is possible upside down , and without steam, on the still slightly damp pillowcase.

signature silk pillowcases - Tuccinardi

Each signature silk pillowcase comes in this reusable pouch

We hope these pillowcases will seduce you as much as we like them ❤️

And as usual, don't hesitate to ask us your questions in the comments!

Adele, Content Manager.

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