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Repigmentants Evo: Practical Guide

Last week, Mary showed you her before/after for which she went from a light brown to a copper... with a simply repigmenting ! This sharing has generated many reactions, and you are determined to take the leap. laughing All your questions then inspired us to write an article to help you choose your repigmentants . Do not hesitate to send us your results in photos. It's always a pleasure !

Mary: her Before / After!

Repigmentant Evo - Before after copper brown - Tuccinardi

We love the Evo repigmentants which allow you to obtain WOW results in just a few minutes . Super easy to use, they make us change our heads according to our desires, without damaging our hair , and this, temporarily . Isn't that great?


Do you find your color dull? No need to go through the coloring box! The repigmentants will boost your color , and thus bring shine to your hair. Like a mini gloss at home, they are used as a conditioner (conditioner) to leave on for a few minutes.

Unlike coloring, they settle on the cuticle and do not penetrate it. As a result, they do not sensitize the hair at all, quite the contrary. The acid PH closes the scales of the hair, traps the pigments (on the surface) and then brings a maximum of shine .

Why use repigmentants?

The different interests of the repigmentants are the same as the Gloss, but the result will be temporary .

Thus, the repigmentant can:

  • neutralize unwanted reflections ;
  • intensify highlights or add new ones;
  • darken our base.

It can therefore be used for:

  • give a boost to our Balayage between two Glosses;
  • pigment natural hair for a little change, without any sensitization;
  • revive the pigments of a color.

GOOD TO KNOW - Like a Gloss, a repigmentant does not lighten the hair. So he can only add pigment. On a brunette, we can thus obtain mahogany, red, golden reflections, but not lighten.

Before / After on a brown base

Repigmentant Evo - Before after mahogany - Tuccinardi

For who ?

Repigmentants are intended for all hair types :

  • natural;
  • discolored;
  • colored (vegetable colorings included);
  • highlights;
  • compatible with a Brazilian straightening;
  • for people allergic to PPD.

They are particularly good for hair where the pigment loosens quickly .

! ATTENTION ! - Repigmentants are not intended for white hair . Their purpose is not to cover them, only a coloring allows it. Thus, in case of white hair, it is better to color them beforehand . For example, a copper repigmentant on a white hair can make it orange...

How long does it last ?

The care remains 15 days on average on the hair for a washing frequency every 3 to 4 days .

However, it depends on how often you wash and how well your hair retains the pigment. Thus, some hair bleeds faster than others. On the contrary, if the hair is very porous , it can retain the pigment longer.

In two or three weeks , the repigmentant will end up leaving in any case wink It settles on the surface of the hair, and does not penetrate it.


THE thorniest question , which we are so often asked. And we understand you! We are often afraid of doing stupid things, and that the result will not be as expected.

It's good to keep in mind that a repigmentant is for fun, playing with shades. He is difficult to predict the result because it depends on many factors: the porosity of your hair, the exposure time, whether you have discoloration or not, etc. This is why, if you want a very precise result, we can only advise you to book a Gloss at the salon for a professional service .

So don't panic! The advantage of repigmenting is that it fades quickly . If you don't like the color, it is short-lived smile However, you can get the Dream Filter or the Olaplex N°4C shampoo if you really don't like the result, and want the color to bleed out more quickly.

The different colors

We have selected 8 different shades to meet as many coloring needs as possible.

Cool shades:

  • Light beige
  • Ash chestnut
  • Platinum blonde

Neutral shades:

  • Dark blond
  • Caramel (slightly warm)

Warm shades:

  • Copper
  • Violet red (shimmering red)
  • Mahogany

Repigmenting EVO

Which repigmentants for my base?

Blonde base: Platinum blonde - Light beige - Caramel - Chestnut (unless the base is very light)

Red base & chestnut base: Copper - Mahogany - Violet red - Caramel (for light brown) - Chestnut - Ash chestnut

Brown base: Copper - Mahogany - Purple red 2

Blonde based repigmentants - Tuccinardi

Red based repigmentants - Tuccinardi
Brown based repigmentants - Tuccinardi

Since a repigmentant does not lighten, the other colors are too light to give a result on a dark base.

! ATTENTION ! Above all, do not use an Ash Chestnut on blond, at the risk of obtaining green reflections !

In addition, radical transformations are not recommended. If you want to go from blonde to brunette, for example, it is better to go to a professional hairdresser.

Can two different repigmentants be mixed?

It is perfectly possible to mix two repigmentants of different colors, and it is even sometimes recommended . Depending on the desired result, these two shades can be used in equal proportions (50/50), or opt for example for a ratio of 70/30%.

Let's try to decipher this.

  • It is possible to cut the Caramel with the Ashen Chestnut so that it becomes neutral, or cold, depending on the concentration (the more you dose the Ashen Chestnut, the colder the result will be).
  • Chestnut and Ash Chestnut can be mixed to obtain a cold chestnut .
  • Light Beige contains a dominant light golden undertone, so it is rather warm. Platinum Blond (Platinum), on the other hand, is cold: it is perfect for neutralizing warm reflections. If you want to get a cold beige , so you can mix light beige and platinum blond in equal proportions.
  • For blondes: if copper shades tempt you, some precautions are welcome . Indeed, we recommend mixing the repigmenting Copper with the repigmenting Chestnut to avoid ending up with a very flashy color (unless this is the expected result, of course, in this case you can bet on the Copper alone). The same goes for the Mahogany shade.
Repigmenting mixture - Tuccinardi
Repigmenting mixture - Tuccinardi
Repigmenting mixture - Tuccinardi

For her mix, Mary used 3/4 copper and 1/4 chestnut.


When and how often?

Repigmentants are used after your shampoo , on towel-dried hair.

First protect your hands with gloves then generously apply the treatment to all of your hair , saturating the lengths well.

Leave on for 5 to 20 minutes maximum , depending on the desired intensity, then rinse. And that's all smile

You can renew this treatment every two weeks .

What quantities?

For a repigmentant of 220 ml : On long hair, a repigmentant can be used for 3 to 4 uses !

I'M WATCHING MARY'S DEMO - Find it on our instagram in the permanent story “Demo”

Copper Evo repigmenting treatment - 11.00 32.00

Red purple Evo repigmenting care - 11.00 32.00

Chestnut Evo repigmenting treatment - 11.00 32.00

copper evo repigmenting treatment - Tuccinardi

Red purple Evo repigmenting treatment - €11.00 – €32.00
Evo chatin repigmenting treatment - €11.00 – €32.00


  • Should we make different mixtures for roots and lengths?
It is possible if you are comfortable with the application, but it depends on the desired result. In general, it is still advisable to apply the same mixture all over the hair.
  • After opening, can we keep the tube and use it a second time?
Absolutely, the tube can be kept for 12 months after opening.
  • What is the difference between Gloss and repigmentants?

We only offer 8 repigmenting references against infinite possibilities for the Gloss, in the salon. The Gloss allows you to have fun alone and helps us out between two appointments at the salon, but the result is more random than a Gloss. This is a professional service, very controlled, the result of which lasts 6 to 10 weeks against 15 days for repigmentants.

  • Do we keep the reflections?
No, they always fade eventually. However, disgorging can be accelerated using the Dream Filter or N°4C if desired.
  • Can I use the Platinum Blonde Repigmenter to replace a purple shampoo?
Yes it is possible, but if you want a colder aspect, it is better to combine the two for better neutralization. On the other hand, for sensitized or porous hair, we recommend repigmenting because it is a treatment: it provides more hydration than shampoo. The repigmentant covers unwanted reflections while the purple shampoo, such as N°4P from Olaplex , neutralizes them.

Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to ask us directly in the comments. smile

Adele, Content Manager

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