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What to choose: Tokio or Olaplex treatment?

You keep hearing about it, especially if you follow us on the networks. Our two game-changer brands, our two favorites, our favorites. So, Tokio or Olaplex care, how to choose?

When you decide you want to take care of your hair, it's great! However, one can quickly get lost and not know what routine to adopt to start . It may be difficult to understand the differences between the varieties of ranges offered, and above all, not knowing how to identify which problem to solve.

Olaplex like Tokio Inkarami are two high quality professional brands . They have a large number of points in common, and some differences: they are complementary . We take stock together.


They are both scientific brands that derive their effectiveness from the high technology . They are formulated from flagship molecules, particularly effective:

  • Bis-amino for Olaplex, a molecule patented by the brand that repairs the internal structure of the hair.
  • There fullerene for Tokio Inkarami, labeled molecule , recognized for its super penetrating and antioxidant powers.

Both Tokio and Olaplex offer a range of professional treatments used only in hair salons, and a home range intended for everyone. This mimics the professional range while being less concentrated. We thus speak of a “ care protocol ” because the Tokio treatment and the Olaplex treatment consist of a succession of applications of different products (they all have a specific objective). It's a kind of “millefeuille” technique on the hair.

➡️ Tokio and Olaplex are designed to repair and strengthen hair;

➡️ They are moisturizing and nourishing ;

➡️ Both smooth and coat the hair fiber.

➡️ They fight against frizz, split ends and breakage ;

➡️ Their active ingredients have antioxidant and revitalizing properties;

➡️ Olaplex and Tokio preserve the color and shine of natural, brushed/glossed hair.

Olaplex vs Tokyo



Olaplex is a patented molecule that no other brand has. She allows to keep the bonds of the hair intact during a lightening phase or exposure to heat.

It is used upstream of a technique, in prevention , or after the technique, in interview .

The American brand notably allows hairdressing professionals to push the lightening while protecting the hair and preventing its breakage.

To date, there is no no other molecule able to reproduce its effects.

Olaplex's innovative skincare products act molecular level to repair disulphide bridges deep in the cortex, damaged by chemical, thermal and mechanical products.

It's here favorite brand of Thomas , which he systematically recommends to maintain a balayage and keep the lengths well hydrated and supple.

Olaplex can be used daily , but the more intense treatments N°0 and N°3 are sufficient once a week or once every two weeks.

Olaplex can also be suitable for natural hair which lack strength, which seem damaged.

Olaplex Numbers


Tokyo Inkarami acts on the lack of keratin hair. It's a natural protein which makes up 90% of the raw material of the hair. It protects it by sealing all the scales between them, as if it formed a shield all around the hair. This prevents the fiber from becoming elastic.

This Japanese brand therefore acts on the repair of different capillary bonds than Olaplex. It does not act on disulphide bridges but considerably strengthens the internal structure of the hair itself providing keratin and fixing it durably thanks to fullerenes.

The lack of keratin is a common problem. The hair becomes soft, brittle, elastic, misshapen . It lacks vitality and vigor. The many daily assaults are factors of keratin loss: chemical or thermal treatments, UV rays, cold, friction, etc.

Tokyo is rich in antioxidants and vitamins , the range revitalizes the hair, promotes its regeneration and growth . So she stimulates growth and boosts the lengths thanks to taurine.

✅ Like Olaplex, the range is universal . It is suitable for weakened hair but also for normal hair that needs a boost.

✅ Unlike Olaplex, it's better to use the full range, as a cure, once a week.

✅ In the fall of 2022, Tokio Inkarami released its Premium range in France , intended for very sensitized hair. There is now the Tokio Inkarami Platinum range, for normal to moderately sensitized hair, and the richer Premium range , for very damaged hair.


If you urgently need a hair a lot softer and shiny , the Tokio treatment is the most suitable.

However, if you have really sensitized hair , it's better to start with Olaplex to repair the hair by restoring the broken bridges.

Before/after Olaplex treatment at the salon

Olaplex care service

If you're still hesitating between the two, don't panic! You can choose a treatment at random during your reservation and one of our hairdressers will advise you on D-Day.


If you know us well, you know that we very often recommend getting both ranges and using them alternately. For what ? Precisely because they are complementary , they do not have quite the same functions or the same actions, although they share similar results: repaired, reinforced, sheathed, soft and shiny hair. By using both, you give your hair ultra-complete care. You go optimize results .

However, we are aware that this represents a certain budget.

1️⃣ We advise you to start with Olaplex which will already act on the repair by targeting the disulphide bridges. The texture rich and creamy of Olaplex products is very pleasant to work with, and it nourishes dry and brittle hair. You don't have to get the full range to see results. You can turn to starter threesome which constitutes a good basis, or the intensive repair kit if your hair is damaged.

2️⃣ Once your hair is repaired internally , you can, if you feel the need, integrate the Full range Tokio Inkarami Platinum to your routine. She will bring you a shot of shine and softness .

If your hair is still very sensitized, the Full range Tokio Inkarami Premium will save them!

Mist Tokio Inkarami Premium m - 66,00

Tokio Inkarami Premium Shampoo - 55.00 110.00

Tokio Inkarami Premium Treatment - 57.00 120.00

Tokio Inkarami Premium Mist - Tuccinardi

Tokio Inkarami Premium Shampoo - Tuccinardi

Tokio Inkarami Premium Treatment Tuccinardi

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Shampoo / 50.00 95.00

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Treatment / €55.00 €100.00

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Shampoo - Tuccinardi

Tokio Inkarami Platinum Treatment - Tuccinardi

Tokio inkarami Platinum oil - Tuccinardi

We hope this article has helped you to see things a little more clearly. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask us. comment . So, have you made your choice: Tokio or Olaplex treatment?

Adele, Content Manager.

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