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Pschiitt By Fred: New

Very happy to present this new essential accessory (yes yes!) to your bathroom (and not only): the Pschiitt By Fred .


Rather surprising to offer for sale a simple vaporizer, isn't it?

Well yes… but no laughing

The Pschiitt By Fred is really a vaporizer designed to facilitate our morning hair routine , and it is true!

It is the essential ally of wavy and curly hair, to reform the waves when you get out of bed. No need to go through the shampoo / conditioner / mask box every morning, a simple refresh largely does the trick! And it's much better for the hair we recommend one or two shampoo(s) per week.


To do this, just put water in the Pschiitt By Fred and spray the hair. It's much more practical than struggling to get your head wet in the sink wink

The grip is nice and the pressure ensures a sufficiently long diffusion to easily disperse the water throughout the hair. Much simpler than the majority of vaporizers where you have to press countless times to get the desired amount of water hence their nickname pschiitt pschiitt, ​​by the way.

Then we use our favorite leave-in to come scruncher* the hair. We obviously recommend the Vegan Curl Cream by Cut By Fred. With another natural brand that we really like, Bouclème: the Curl Cream , the Curl Defining Gel or even the Super Hold Styler for an impeccable outfit. Finally, at Olaplex, the No. 6 is very effective and the finish is soft and luminous.

Our selection of leave-ins

Olaplex N°6 Bond Smoother Styling Cream - 28.90

Vegan Curl Cream Cut By Fred - 26,00 €

Styling gel Bouclème Curl Defining Gel - 12.00 23,00


Vegan Curl Cream by Cut By Fred - Tuccinardi

Tips from the Tucci Team


We can directly mix our leave-in in the spray, with 2 parts of water for 1 part of product , to facilitate the application. Do not forget to clean the Pschiitt by Fred well when it is empty, with a little white vinegar added to hot water , before filling it again.


Use of demineralized water will prevent the deposit of limestone on the bottle, and will facilitate cleaning. You can easily find them in supermarkets or in DIY stores.


Don't forget to scrunch a second time with our bamboo terry towel (100% cotton) to remove excess product. You can opt for air drying, plopping*, or diffuser.

Plants on shelves



The Pschiitt By Fred is perfect for humidifying your green plants . The heat is coming, they will need it too!

Deionized water will not stain their pretty leaves.

The +

  • We love its minimalist and tangy look, which brightens up the bathroom;
  • The travel format, to take in your suitcase;
  • The mist is fine and light, does not create large drops.

Pschiitt By Fred


It's gently squeezing your hair, upside down, from tip to root to form the curl . The best is to do it section by section to get well-defined curls.🥰


It's a drying technique without heater. Wrap your hair in a cotton or microfiber towel and wait for it to dry. When it's done well, it's spectacular! Tutorial to come 😉

Adele, Content Manager

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