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Preserving colored/glossed hair

Have you just done a Gloss or Color and want to know how to protect and prolong your color? This article features Thomas' favorite products and tips for pampering your freshly colored hair.


Preserving your colored hair means first of all taking care of hair that has been transformed, more or less strongly, and which is therefore sensitized to varying degrees. Depending on the technique used , the products used and the care (or lack of care) given to the hair, the coloring will be more or less invasive, especially if it has been preceded by discoloration.


We speak by default of coloring because it is the generic term to qualify a hair that has been pigmented. But it is important to distinguish Gloss from oxidation staining.

Coloring by Thomas Tuccinardi

At the Tucci salon, most of our colors are Glosses , that is to say semi-permanent colors. They last 6 to 10 weeks because they do not penetrate the hair deeply. They are even considered as a coloring-care because they respect the hair fiber, and are not intrusive.

We reserve permanent colors more powerful for the roots, in order to cover white hair. This is the classic coloring, as it is generally understood, called oxidation .

All our colorings (and discolorations) are enriched with protective formulas to preserve your hair as much as possible. We attach great importance to the health of your hair .

Finally, as a reminder, our Balayage Signature is done in two steps: first bleaching, then Gloss. So beware of salons that offer you oxidation coloring on all your hair: you generally don't need it!

Glossy brown hair - Tuccinardi


Should we change shampoo, which one to choose?

It depends on the composition of your shampoo. The ideal is to choose one without sulphates, devoid of aggressive surfactants, but with a very gentle cleansing base . The interests are multiple:

  • avoid irritating the scalp;
  • regulate sebum production;
  • limit the phenomenon of disgorging .

Sulfate-free shampoos

All of our shampoos on the e-shop are sulfate-free! You can thus turn according to your preferences, to:

Dry shampoos

To regulate your scalp, and prolong the color, you should space out your shampoos as much as possible. Dry shampoo can help a lot by saving us a day or two between washes. We love Cut By Fred's Vegan Volume Powder .

Keratin shampoos

It is very interesting to complete the routine with a shampoo enriched with keratin , like this one from Tokio Inkarami . It can be used with each wash or alternately with a milder shampoo.

What is the best conditioner for colored/glossed hair?

As you know, the basis of a washing routine for ALL hair types is shampoo + conditioner (conditioner). This is even more valid for a transformed hair!

Classic conditioners: detanglers & moisturizers

You can absolutely choose a classic conditioner, such as N°5 from Olaplex. You can also choose a conditioner adapted to your hair type , for example that of Bouclème , which is particularly moisturizing. Indeed, curly and textured hair naturally needs more hydration than other hair types. Evo also offers various conditioners adapted to different problems : repairing conditioner, smoothing, volumizing, repairing, for curly hair, etc.

Repigmenting treatments

Evo repigmenting treatments are used like conditioners. They allow you to add pigments to your color and then revive its intensity and radiance . The ideal is to use it every fortnight, instead of your usual conditioner, to maintain its color. As a bonus, they nourish the hair fiber and leave it very soft!

Brown colored hair - Tuccinardi

How do I nourish my colored/glossed hair?

The conditioner is the first step in taking care of your hair. It detangles and softens the hair. It facilitates styling and maintains hydration . But if you want to go further, you can turn to richer and more nourishing textures, such as masks and serums.


Colored or glossed hair can become dry. It is then necessary to meet this need for nutrition by focusing on masks. Several choices are available to you:


Finally, the serums are synergies of vegetable oils that help protect your color. They revitalize and fortify the lengths. We recommend:

How to avoid the root effect which contrasts with our color, during regrowth?

Unfortunately, there are no miracle solutions. The best is to ask your colorist for a natural effect to blend the roots , so that the regrowth does not show. Otherwise, it is necessary to return to the salon to redo your roots, regularly.


Like all colored hair, and even more so for those who have suffered discoloration, maintaining the color requires an optimal care routine . The more you take care of your hair, the more it is repaired and strengthened. The restored and well-hydrated fiber thus reflects light better: intense color & shine guaranteed!

And to restore the broken bridges of a sensitized hair… nothing better than Olaplex! This Californian brand offers a range of diversified treatments of unparalleled quality. Its little secret is its patented technology developed from the bis amino molecule. It is this alone which makes it possible to repair the disulphide bridges.

Reminder: The hair fiber is essentially composed of keratin , whose strength is ensured by different types of chemical bonds. The multiple interlacings of these bonds give keratin its cohesion and physical properties. Disulfide bridges are part of these bonds , and can be damaged by discoloration.

To accompany and complete the action of Olaplex, we bet if possible on the Japanese brand Tokio Inkarami . Top of the range, it offers repairing and regenerating care that protects the hair from various aggressors for up to eight weeks . Like Olaplex, its formulation is unique and benefits from high technology . It contains six kinds of keratins and amino acids, to deeply penetrate the hair and gain it durably.

We love these two brands which are both interesting in their own way. Their mode of action is different, for an optimal result smile

Olaplex range

Olaplex, the essential for everyone

You often ask us about instagram which Olaplex numbers to start with. You can check our article first Understanding Olaplex Numbers to discover each product and their order of use.

GOOD TO KNOW: Each of the numbers contains the famous patented molecule, and therefore has restorative properties. However, some are more concentrated than others: if your hair is very sensitized, some numbers are more worthy of your attention. To start with Olaplex, we recommend basic washing products and products dedicated to repair .

starter threesome

On the e-shop, we offer you a starter threesome including N°3, N°4 and N°5.

This is THE perfect trio for a quick and easy routine . Shampoo N°4 is a gentle cleansing base and Conditioner N°5, its sidekick. The N°3 is a Best-Seller of the brand. This is a treatment to apply before your shampoo (your usual shampoo, or shampoo N°4) to repair the hair fibre.

N°4 and N°5 are good if you want to change your washing routine, but if yours suits you, you can turn to other, more concentrated Olaplex numbers.

Intense Repair Kit

We have also collected in a Intense Repair Kit our essentials: N°0, N°3, N°4, N°8.

We find shampoo N°4 which is the basis of any routine, and treatment N°3 whose effectiveness is widely recognized. To replace conditioner N°5, mask N°8 provides additional nutrition. It is more suitable for very sensitized hair, or thick/porous hair. Nevertheless, fine and/or not very porous hair can also use it, alternating with the lighter N°5.

Finally, the N°0 is the brand's other Best-Seller, to be used only in association with N°3. It is also a pre-shampoo treatment, which is applied first. We do not rinse it and we apply over the N°3, and they will act in synergy to deeply treat the hair.

If N°3 is effective alone, N°0 cannot do without N°3. So if you have to choose only one, bet on 3 wink

In short, you can find your happiness among these numbers. If you want to go further with the brand, the other Olaplex products are more styling products, leave-in . They will sheathe, texturize the hair, maintain their hydration and protect them from external aggressions for the day.

Olaplex N°0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment - 28.90

Olaplex N°4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo - €16.00 €28.90

Conditioner Olaplex N°5 Bond Maintenance - 16.00 28.90

olaplex N°0 Intensive Bond Building Repairing treatment Tuccinardi olaplex 0

Olaplex N°4 Shampoo - Tuccinardi

Olaplex N°5 Conditioner Bond Maintenance - Tuccinardi

Olaplex treatment at the salon

We use highly concentrated Olaplex products, reserved for hairdressing professionals , in each of our techniques. They protect and strengthen the hair while limiting the least aggressive factors of the technique used. These treatments are necessarily applied during our services because we cannot imagine doing without them, for the health of your hair .

However, we offer an additional Olaplex treatment that you are free to discover! Applied immediately after a Gloss or a Balayage, it boosts the color, reinforces its radiance and prolongs its hold .

Tokyo range

Tokio Inkarami, the luxurious treatment

We offer four Tokio Inkarami products on the e-shop, and an accessory, the famous Scalp Brush .

Ideally, get the full range would allow you to benefit from all the benefits of the Tokyo routine.

However, if we had to select only two products, intended for colored hair, we would choose shampoo and treatment . Like Olaplex N°0 and N°3, these two products work in synergy . We proceed first to shampoo, and we come to apply pa

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