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Summer is coming ! For the Tucci Team, it's a season we love because the sun can really reveal our natural glow . To do this, we can give it a little push. How to boost it? With the right gestures , and the right products . Thus, we have chosen to offer you on the e-shop the Pop & Lock of Color Wow, which makes us melt!


We know it well, the sun can be our ally as well as our worst enemy. If we don't protect our hair, we all risk going from hair worthy of Princess Rapunzel to looking like Cruella. To avoid drama, only one watchword: protection !

And to take advantage of the benefits of the sun and sublimate our hair, by strengthening their radiance and shine, we must bet on hydration .

A UV filter

Pop & Lock is a protective leave-in with a half-oily, half-aqueous galenic, similar to a serum. It combines protection and hydration since it creates a barrier between our hair and UV rays, like a sunscreen. It closes the scales of the hair to seal in moisture and coats the fiber to strengthen it and prevent breakage. This same barrier prevents dehydration and degradation of the hair fiber by heat, air conditioning, sea salt or chlorine from the swimming pool, or heating devices.

In summer, we therefore think of “locking in” hydration to protect our hair.

Summer - beach


We can apply Pop & Lock before styling to take care of our hair, and every time we go outside. All you have to do is take one to three pumps depending on the length and/or porosity of your hair, warm the product in your hand and apply it to your hair section by section.

A significant advantage: it adapts to both dry and wet hair . After each swim, do not forget to renew the application wink


The Pop & Lock is not this product that we add to our routine, simply to add it. Not only is it actually interesting and useful for preserving our mane, but it also immediately enhances it. The gloss finish is incredible, since it really allows you to play with light. His secret? The Pop & Lock contains micro-glitter ! The hair is very soft and sparkling... and we love that.

To sum up: Pop & Lock protects, hydrates and nourishes the hair, which helps to ensure its good health, and therefore its shine and softness. In addition to this long-term action, it immediately boosts the glow of our hair by giving it a silky feel and reviving the radiance of our color (natural or not)!


Our recommendations


Be careful, the Pop & Lock contains anti-UV protection, but exposing yourself to the sun for too long or during the hottest hours remains dangerous .


During strong exposures or prolonged exposures, it is strongly recommended to wear a hat, a cap, or a scarf to cover your hair and your scalp: it is the best protection .


After each swim, rinse your hair well with clean water to get rid of any particles .

Summer Protect Spray by Cut By Fred - Tuccinardi


Clean alternative to Pop & Lock

If you are looking for a basic sun protection and without glitter, but efficient and delicious … discover our second novelty for this summer: the Summer Protect Spray by Cut by Fred.

100% natural , biodegradable , vegan , bottle in recyclable glass … It respects your hair as well as the environment, and does not pollute seas and oceans .

We love it too!

Pop Lock Pop & Lock, the +:

  • The moisturizing and protective properties;
  • A travel format to take everywhere with you;
  • An incredible texture for an ultra shiny finish;
  • Glitter !

Adele, Content Manager

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