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Olaplex N°4C: New

Olaplex has just launched the clarifying shampoo N°4C. It is already available on our e-shop! What is it for, how to use it, what is it more than the others? We tell you everything!

Olaplex Numbers


Do we still need to introduce Olaplex? Since 2014, the Californian brand more and more talk about her. If it is all the rage in the United States, it is nevertheless establishing itself more timidly in Europe. To make herself known, she relies on the support of ambassadors all over the world: Thomas is super happy to be part of it. Indeed, he proudly wears the status of official advocate , convinced by the philosophy of the brand and its effectiveness .

The success of Olaplex lies in its patented molecule, bis amino , which has the power to repair broken capillary bonds . It's a revolution: until then, it was impossible to repair a damaged fiber! And it works, the results speak for themselves 😉

Olaplex first aroused the interest of many hairdressing professionals before seducing consumers and ending up in their bathroom. The brand now has 10 references for an in-house application. Three products are for pros only, as they are highly concentrated and primarily serve to prevent damage from fading/staining.


Number 4C is part of the Bond Maintenance range. It is a clarifying shampoo that can be used once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how frequently you wash.

What is a clarifying shampoo?

It is a more powerful shampoo than a traditional shampoo, which allows deep cleaning . It would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it: hair products, sebum, minerals contained in water (chlorine, limestone), heavy metals and other pollutants accumulate on our scalp and our lengths . These residues are responsible for heavy and dull hair, even sticky, and a greasy or irritated scalp. They suffocate the hair and then block its oxygenation and de facto, its growth.

What is the difference with a hair scrub?

The scrub often contains grains and works by mechanical action : it is the massage that stimulates the scalp and exfoliates it. This is the case, for example, of Depolluting Salt Scrub by Cut By Fred. The N°4C contains a system nd broad-spectrum clarifier to easily remove all particles. It acts on the scalp and on the lengths , unlike the scrub.

What benefits does N°4C promise?

It removes all kinds of impurities that weigh hair down and cause various damages. Without stripping, without resorting to sulphates either, the N°4C washes thoroughly while maintaining hydration . The presence of the flagship molecule, bis-amino, strengthens and repairs bonds. The hair is purified and sanitized , without losing its softness. He regains his health and vigor , and breathes again! Finally, N°4C boosts the effects of our hair care products, whose effectiveness is diminished by multiple residues.

Olaplex N°4C, for whom?

For everyone ! We all have a good reason to use it, if only once a month. And if you still doubt it, here is a small non-exhaustive list of valid reasons:

  • You have oily hair : N°4C regulates sebum production.
  • You are a haircare pro and love combining products .
  • You use products that contain silicones .
  • You have the feeling that your hair is saturated , that it no longer responds very well to the care you give it.
  • Your hair is healthy but you want to optimize your care .
  • You are a fan of co-washing (using conditioner instead of shampoo).
  • You live in a polluted urban environment .
  • You bathe regularly, in the sea or in the swimming pool .
  • You regularly tie your hair.

Olaplex N°4C


Olaplex now offers three different shampoos , all of which contain Bond Building Technology :

Olaplex N°4

The mild shampoo , the base of the base, the must-have. It is suitable for all hair types, for daily use.

Olaplex N°4P

A purple shampoo , to correct the color. It is suitable for light, blond, gray and white hair, in order to neutralize unwanted nuances (yellow or coppery tones).

Olaplex N°4C

A clarifying shampoo , for deep cleansing.

Olaplex N°4

One could then ask, what is a “simple” shampoo for?

Well to wash daily, for frequent use! It is not always necessary to make a clarifying shampoo, it depends on the needs of our hair , and our habits of life .

Olaplex recommends using N°4C weekly, or alternating clarifying shampoo/mild shampoo. If your hair is drier, or sensitized, you can very well reduce this frequency and use a clarifying shampoo only once in a while.


Finally, each shampoo must be followed at least by a conditioner , or a mask for maximum comfort. They revitalize the hair, provide it with hydration and nutrition , and facilitate detangling. In English, we call the conditioner the “conditioner”, because it prepares the hair and protects it. The mask is the same thing, in a richer version!

Mask olaplex N°8 for hydration nutrition and deep repair olaplex 8 tuccinardi

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