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Our Christmas list: crazy gifts

In a month, it's already Christmas. Eh yes ! Autumn is speeding by and is already plunging us into the soft and comforting atmosphere of the end of the year.❄️ The Tucci Team loves this period and we enjoyed composing our own selection of “special hair” gifts for put under the tree 🎄 . Here is our Christmas list!


The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching... The cold is making its appearance, the streets are slowly lighting up, Christmas playlists are ringing out in the shops and the first Christmas trees are entering homes✨.

And like every year, it's the same thing: we tell ourselves that we have time to fill our Santa Claus basket , and then… in the blink of an eye, it's already New Year's Eve. The race for gifts begins, we can't find any cool ideas, so the stress is felt...

🛑 STOP! We take a deep breath, we have planned!

From our new Signatures, to our personalized routines, through the boxes of our fav' brands, there is something for everyone!

Discover our selection of Christmas gifts 🎅🏽


Imagining silk pillowcases around our Balayage Signature seemed obvious to us. We therefore had our custom pillowcases made by Chillsilk for a personalized result, like the Tuccinardi studio. Entirely natural , they are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100® , a label guaranteeing the absence of substances that are harmful or that can harm health and the environment.

Signature silk pillowcases - Tuccinardi

The strengths of our Signature silk pillowcases:

⭐️ Very high quality natural, hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. 

⭐️ 19MM pure organic mulberry silk.

⭐️ Square format, 65×65 cm.

⭐️ Closure with interior zip.

⭐️ Soft & comfortable touch.

⭐️ Delivered in a reusable cotton pouch.

signature silk pillowcases - Tuccinardi

For the hair, the benefits of silk are numerous:

⭐️ Silk promotes the regeneration process of the skin and hair, optimal during the night. 

⭐️ Silk maintains the natural hydration of the hair, preserves its shine, and regulates the production of sebum.

⭐️ Silk protects the hair fiber and respects your hair type: whether straight or very textured, the hair retains its initial appearance, without the formation of additional knots, even after several hours of sleep ➡️ silk therefore preserves curls and prevent them from falling apart.

⭐️ Silk fights breakage and hair loss.

⭐️ Silk neutralizes static electricity and prevents split ends.


Rather Melting Shades or Sandy Shade?

Melting Shade - A 100% silk pillowcase, worked around color. The color gradient from sand to brown evokes both blonde sweeps and browns, warm and comforting tones 🍁

Sandy Shade - A double-sided pillowcase, 50% microfiber, 50% silk. A silk side for regular use and peaceful nights; a microfiber side to leave your hair care on all night ✨

melting shades silk pillowcase - Tuccinardisilk & microfiber pillowcase - Sandy shade - Tuccinardi


We love these absolutely divine special editions!

The “Grand Luxe” editions

1. GHD Helios Champagne Gold Hair Dryer [Limited Edition]

2. GHD Gold Champagne Golden Hair Straightener [Limited Edition]

3.Tucci Board

GHD Helios champagne golden hair dryer - Tuccinardighd gold champagne gold straightener - TuccinardiTucci's Board - Sweep Board or Palette

Exceptional boxes

1. GHD Platinum+ Straightener Exceptional Box [Limited Edition]

2. GHD Gold Straightener Exceptional Box [Limited Edition]

Exceptional box GHD Platinum Straightener - Tuccinardi


To help you decorate the base of the tree, we have concocted tailor-made gift boxes , for each member of the family 🎁

Whether you are from the “Last-minute & breakdown of inspiration” team, or from the “Organization & anticipation” team, these boxes will undoubtedly make your job easier 🎄

Here are our different Christmas routines ⭐️

The Christmas Routine “For Mom”

Our indispensable for well hydrated and well sheathed hair, full of vitality.

Two products for hydration, nutrition and shine:

⭐️ Tokio Inkarami Platinum Oil : Thomas' favorite oil, to be applied at the end of the routine for smooth and shiny finish .

⭐️ The almond moisturizing mask by Cut By Fred: a rich and unctuous texture, with an ultra regressive fragrance, for a real cocooning moment !

Two essential daily accessories:

⭐️ Our silk pillowcase , to preserve the hair and enhance its natural shine.

⭐️ The famous Tangle Teezer that we no longer present, in version Wet Detangler to use in the shower or on damp hair, in a sober and elegant black.

The Christmas Routine “For Sister”

THE discovery kit to take care of your hair & shine a thousand lights. Become a real Tucci-Girl , in short!

Two products for radiance and shine:

⭐️ Color Wow Extra Shine Spray : a fine moisturizing mist that deposits like a veil of light on the hair, without a sticky feeling.

⭐️ One Evo repigmenting treatment : a pigmented conditioner to revive hair color and bring softness and shine.

Three essential everyday accessories:

⭐️ Our silk pillowcase , to preserve the hair and enhance its natural shine.

⭐️ The famous Tangle Teezer that we no longer present, in color rose gold and in compact size to easily slip it into a handbag or suitcase.

⭐️ A duet Sprunchie Invisibobble : two spiral elastics that protect against breakage, in pink & silver.

The Christmas Routine “For my bff”

The boost of hydration & softness .

Two products for hydration and softness:

⭐️ The Color Wow Dream Coat : a waterproofing spray for a soft and shiny finish, without frizz .

⭐️ Olaplex N°8 : a moisturizing and nourishing mask that repairs in depth thanks to patented Olaplex technology.

Two essential daily accessories:

⭐️ The famous Tangle Teezer that we no longer present, in Wet Detangler version to use in the shower or on damp hair, in a sober and elegant black .

⭐️ One Sprunchie Invisibobble : a spiral elastic that protects against breakage.

The Christmas Routine “For your darling daughter”

THE repair & softness kit for sensitized hair.

Two luxurious repair products:

⭐️ The Tokio Inkarami Premium shampoo : a shampoo with very gentle cleansing base , for a cleansed scalp and light lengths.

⭐️ The Tokio Inkarami Premium treatment : a repairing conditioner that helps to replenish keratins . A must-have for damaged hair.

Three essential everyday accessories:

⭐️ Our silk pillowcase , to preserve the hair and enhance its natural shine.

⭐️ The famous Tangle Teezer that we no longer present, in Wet Detangler version to use in the shower or on damp hair, in a sober and elegant black .

⭐️ A duet Sprunchie Invisibobble : two spiral rubber bands that protect against breakage, in black & bronze.

The Christmas Routine “For your man”

A winning trio for a healthy scalp.

Two products to cleanse & regenerate:

⭐️ Shampoo Evo's Normal Persons : a gentle shampoo, without sulphates, for daily use;

⭐️ The Cut By Fred Depolluting Salt Scrub : A sea ​​salt scrub to rid the hair of any particles and activate microcirculation.

An accessory as useful as it is pleasant:

⭐️ The Stimulating Scalp Brush by Cut By Fred : a silicone brush with large, very flexible bristles that gently massage the scalp.

The whole team hopes that this Christmas list will please and inspire you  

See you soon 💛

Adele, Content Manager.

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