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Dr Barbara Sturm, a new luxury brand

Barbara Sturm , by her full name “Dr Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics”, is the eponymous brand of a world-renowned German aesthetic doctor . First specializing in Skincare, the brand launched its Haircare range in October 2021. The products are already cult and have convinced enthusiasts and the most picky professionals. We tell you a bit about the career of this atypical woman and the history of the brand … You'll see, they are particularly interesting, and they reflect the quality and beauty of the concept. We are very happy to offer the Haircare range on our e-shop! Come on, let's introduce ourselves.


Dr. Barbara Sturm - Portrait - Tuccinardi

1. An orthopedic doctor converted to aesthetics, with innovative ideas

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetic doctor who now works between Düsseldorf and Washington. His reputation is international because his scientific research has yielded very effective results. And yet, she was not predestined to embark on a cosmetic adventure, far from it! Indeed, she first practiced as an orthopedic doctor before turning to aesthetics.

2. The birth of the brand

In the 2000s, Dr. Barbara Sturm suffered from skin problems that she did not want to make up, but to solve with appropriate care and a healthy lifestyle (holistic vision). Problem: she can't find any cosmetic on the market that doesn't suit her. She then decides to make her own cream , with her pharmacists. But it is not a cream like the others. Its particularity is that it is designed from Barbara's own blood . Eh yes ! We give you some details, anyway ;)

When she worked in orthopedics, Barbara notably developed anti-inflammatory treatments to treat the injuries of athletes. She has developed a treatment that produces, from the patient's blood cells, anti-inflammatory and regenerative proteins to accelerate healing. She therefore “simply” reused this principle and transposed her orthopedic knowledge to the aesthetic field.

A little weird, put like that, but very effective. Her patients started wanting their own custom cream, too. Convinced by the results, they asked the doctor for other beauty products. Not knowing what to recommend to them, Barbara Sturm then developed her own skincare range .


1. A visionary brand: Precursor of the e-shop

Faced with the success of this first cream, the MCI, and the growing demand, Dr. Barbara Sturm chose to sell her products online at a time when no one believed it was possible. But she has confidence in her project and it is essentially, at the start, a means of renewing the prescriptions of her patients and delivering the products to them. The success of the e-shop has obviously exceeded this initial objective;)

2. An inclusive brand “before time”

In 2014, Barbara realizes that nothing exists on the market for black skin. She then developed a range dedicated to skin rich in melanin , whose inflammatory processes are particularly high. For the little anecdote, she had to throw away a large quantity of products at the time because the retailers didn't want to market this range… It's crazy to think that only ten years ago this didn't exist!

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hair collection - Tuccinardi

3. An ambitious brand

The next step is to conquer the American market . Dr. Barbara Sturm then began to work with a public relations agency in the United States, specializing in the world of fashion. His brand takes on yet another dimension in contact with stylists and fashion journalists , and converts more and more people. It is there that it inaugurates its “pop up spas” which are emerging all over the world. In just one year, she organized 18 pop-up spas for the Oscars, Fashion Weeks… attracting ever more people. American celebrities begin to spontaneously make stories about the brand, the Instagram account explodes, and it's the consecration .

Dr. Barbara Sturm, Pop-up spa - Tuccinardi


1. Philosophy

First, because the concept is unique and innovative . Inflammatory processes are the cause of many aesthetic concerns, and other more or less serious health problems. It is important to take them into account, and ingenious to use cosmetics to boost the results. The idea is also to trust the repairing processes of the skin and the scalp, to accompany and optimize this process rather than compromising it with aggressive products. A gentle and wise approach to cosmetics , therefore.

This brand then uses the scientific expertise of Dr. Barbara Sturm herself, and the best scientists from Harvard, the Universities of Miami and Pittsburgh. As its name suggests, it is based on molecular science as close as possible to patient needs. Since inflammatory processes degrade cells and accelerate skin (and hair!) aging, Dr. Barbara Sturm's products offer excellent anti-aging protection .

It is very logically a brand that wants to be respectful of health, but also of the environment . Dr. Sturm wanted to create a luxurious range free of toxic ingredients and irritating substances that maintain inflammation. The brand draws its benefits from the heart of nature and the essential , without filler ingredients. The products are thus formulated without synthetic perfume, without colorings or preservatives, without paraffin or silicones. The hair range does not contain sulphates, phthalates or parabens.

Finally, since the brand is rooted in health, its conception of beauty is holistic and goes beyond aesthetic issues. Beauty, like health, starts from within. It is for this reason that the brand promotes an excellent lifestyle , and offers food supplements if the diet is insufficient.

2. The resulting values

  • Expertise and scientific knowledge;
  • Efficiency;
  • Innovation;
  • Health ;
  • Respect for people, animals and the environment;
  • Clean beauty;
  • Inclusiveness.

3. Product efficacy

The success of the brand is global and it convinces fashion and beauty professionals. We haven't tested the skincare range, but the haircare products are exceptional, based on active ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven by very promising studies;)

Dr. Barbara Sturm - Hair care - Tuccinardi

The haircare range includes three shampoos, three serums, a conditioner and a mask with impeccable formulations. Each collection targets a particular concern:

  • Balancing Collection: balancing the scalp and regulating sebum;
  • Super Anti-Aging Collection: the fight against premature aging, cell protection;
  • Anti-Hair Fall Collection: the fight against hair loss and strengthening hair.

The little extra: All products are vegan, safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the packaging is recyclable!

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