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Dr Barbara Sturm's Haircare collection has landed on our e-shop! These natural hair products come in three versions, which target three different concerns . In this article, we detail these nuggets of Barbara Sturm ranges.

In this first article , we introduced you to the very pretty brand of Dr. Barbara Sturm and its remarkable story. As a reminder, this cosmetic brand is based on real scientific expertise in cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory (and therefore anti-aging!) processes . It is a German doctor, specialized in orthopedics and reconverted in aesthetics, who is at the origin of these Skincare and then Haircare products. Success is global today. The brand is natural, organic , free of any potentially irritating ingredients.


The most universal: the "balancing" Barbara Sturm range

The Balancing Hair Collection is a complex of high-performance ingredients to take care of your scalp on a daily basis. It is suitable for all types of hair which it gently regulates. It balances sebum production to help you space out your shampoos and keep hair soft and light. As a bonus, it soothes irritated scalps , prone to redness and flaking.

Barbara Sturm ranges - Balancing - Tuccinardi

The lifesaver: the Barbara Sturm "anti-hair loss" range

The Anti-Hair Fall Collection is formulated with very gentle ingredients to nourish your hair from the roots. It is suitable for all hair types and especially for fragile and brittle hair . Rich in good nutrients, it strengthens the scalp and lengths to prevent breakage and hair loss. It stimulates growth and restores vitality for strong hair.

Barbara Sturm ranges - Fall arrest - Tuccinardi

The holy grail: the Barbara Sturm "anti-aging" range

The Super Anti-Aging Collection concentrates innovative ingredients to repair sensitized or even very damaged hair . It is particularly suitable for bleached or glossed hair. It is also very interesting for hair exposed to pollution, heat and UV . Rich in antioxidants, it prevents premature cell aging and combats the already visible effects.

Barbara Sturm ranges - Anti aging - Tuccinardi


1. Shampoo

Choose from three Barbara Sturm shampoos, with 100% natural formulations. They deeply cleanse your hair, while taking care of your scalp. Balancing Shampoo ; Anti-hair loss shampoo ; The anti-aging shampoo :

Barbara Sturm ranges - Balancing shampoo - Tuccinardi Barbara Sturm ranges - Anti-hair loss shampoo - Tuccinardi Barbara Sturm ranges - Anti-aging shampoo - Tuccinardi

2. The conditioner / The mask

After the shampoo comes the care: the conditioner (or after-shampoo) or the mask.

Barbara Strum has chosen to present a single conditioner for everyone. Like the shampoos, the formulation is 100% clean and vegan. It is suitable for " normal", damaged or sensitive/exposed hair. It hydrates and nourishes the lengths to facilitate detangling. The hair is soft, supple and shiny.

Barbara Sturm ranges - Moisturizing conditioner - Tuccinardi

Like the conditioner, a single mask is common to the three ranges. It retains the same formulation base as the conditioner, but is enriched with nourishing ingredients that also facilitate styling.

It allows intense repair of dry or damaged hair, which is then revitalized and plumped up. Always, the formulation is 100% natural and vegan.

Barbara Sturm ranges - Moisturizing mask - Tuccinardi

How to choose between the conditioner or the mask?

🤎 Different criteria can help you decide. Here is a summary table:


3. Serum

Finally, Barbara Sturm offers 3 serums , 1 for each range. It's the game-changer of your routine, which will allow you to take care of your hair over time. The serum is applied in small doses to the roots, on dry or damp hair and it does not need to be rinsed off! It is this long-lasting application that allows the ingredients to penetrate the hair and act in depth. Ideally, you can complete the treatment with the Scalp Brush of your choice to massage your scalp well and oxygenate it. These three serums are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and plant extracts to revitalize and stimulate the hair . The Balancing Serum ; Anti-hair loss serum ; Anti-Aging Serum :

Barbara Sturm ranges - Balancing serum - Tuccinardi Barbara Sturm ranges - Anti-hair loss serum - Tuccinardi Barbara Sturm ranges - Anti-aging serum - Tuccinardi

🤎 The key to this minimalist routine is a healthy scalp and shiny hair!


Do not hesitate to read or reread our first article dedicated to Dr. Barbara Sturm which presents the history of the brand, its values ​​and its raison d'être. It's already a first step in this exceptional universe to understand it and why not, let yourself be tempted.

Here are some answers, which explain why the Barbara Sturm brand is so expensive:

1. Formulating a 100% clean product costs more than offering a conventional product, which uses cheap and expensive raw materials. Various safety tests are carefully carried out to guarantee a stable, effective and well-tolerated product over time.

2. It's not just about “clean” ingredients because they are actually exceptional and top quality active ingredients . The formulations include these active ingredients in their molecular state and at a very high concentration, which guarantees an optimal result. The distillation process makes it possible to obtain the quintessence of the active ingredient , without weighing down the product or filling it with unnecessary additives.

3. Finally, it is a very well-known brand , designed by an aesthetic doctor recognized throughout the world. This contributes to the final price of the products.


Dr. Barbara Sturm 's molecular cosmetics are the perfect combination of science-based aesthetic medicine and highly effective plant extracts. This luxurious brand has a scientific approach to care by seeking efficiency and performance : the active ingredients are carefully selected once they have been scientifically proven. But if the brand is synonymous with innovation and progress , nothing is done to the detriment of health: no useless or harmful ingredient is integrated into the formulations. All Barbara Sturm treatments help heal and/or maintain the balance and health of the skin and hair, without ever attacking it.

The goal? Soothe inflammation that causes premature aging.

Here is a small summary table of the Barbara Sturm ranges:

Barbara Sturm ranges - Summary table - Tuccinardi

We fell in love with these innovative and refined products whose effects are there. We can't wait to see you use them and discover your hair look 😀

Adele, Content Manager

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