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Understanding Olaplex Numbers

Not easy to find between all these Olaplex numbers ! We explain everything step by step in this article wink

Olaplex is the revolutionary and patented range straight from California. It exploits a unique molecule that no other brand has đŸ„‡ . There anti-breakage revolution for more beautiful, stronger and more resistant hair.

The brand's innovative skincare products act at the molecular level to repair damaged hair bonds by chemicals, heat and brushing ✹ .

✅ All Olaplex numbers are formulated with Bridge Repair Technology.

When we discover Olaplex, we are fast lost with all these numbers , we therefore explain the role and order of each of them.

Mix & Match : your hair will thank you! đŸ’đŸ»â€â™€ïž


Olaplex No. 0: Intensive Bond Building Treatment

This is a intensive pre-shampoo treatment to repair the hair structure.

You have not no interest in using it alone , it will not be effective. Indeed, it should be applied in association with No. 3 to benefit from its virtues.

These two numbers work in synergy, the N°0 boosts the effect of N°3 : it's a revealing , in a way.

Apply N°0 to dry hair, from roots to ends, and leave it on 10 minutes .

olaplex N°0 Intensive Bond Building Repairing treatment Tuccinardi olaplex 0


Olaplex N°1 & Olaplex N°2 are reserved for professionals hairdressing and are not available over the counter.

Olaplex N°3: Hair Perfector

Number 3 is also a intensive pre-shampoo treatment .

He repairs and protects the disulphide bridges thus allowing the hair to be more resilient and stronger .

Ideal for dry, brittle hair, and sensitized by coloring and bleaching.

Apply generously from roots to ends, on dry hair, or directly over the N°0 , without rinsing it.

Let it lay 10 minutes , rinse and proceed with your washing routine.

⚠Only N°0 & 3 of the range can be applied at the root.

⚠ You can use N°3 alone but not N°0 alone.

âžĄïž To multiply its effect, first apply the N°0, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Apply directly over number 3.

âžĄïž You can also let this duo pose All night long in 100% cotton towel or on your silk & microfiber pillowcase 🌙.

Olaplex N°3 Hair Perfector repairing treatment Tuccinardi olaplex 3


Both apply after the shampoo , moisturize and facilitate detangling, providing softness and shine.

The lighter conditioner is used after each wash , without restriction.

The mask, richer, acts even more deeply, for dry, damaged or thick hair . It can weigh down finer or low porosity hair. It should be used once a week instead of conditioner.


The shampoo comes after the pre-shampoo treatments N°0 and N°3. All shampoos in the Olaplex range therefore carry the number 4 .

Olaplex N°4: Bond Maintenance Shampoo

It's the classic shampoo of the range, for all hair types.

Without sulfates, it is a gentle shampoo suitable for daily use . Since it is also formulated with Olaplex Bridge Reconstructive Technology, it is nourishing and restorative .

Its foam is generous and unctuous.

Olaplex N°4 Shampoo - Tuccinardi

Olaplex N°4C: Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo

This is a clarifying shampoo to deeply cleanse the scalp and the lengths.

It is also formulated sulphate free and it is enriched with vegetable oils in order to preserve hydration . It eliminates the slightest residue without drying out the fiber.

It is ideal for hair that becomes greasy quickly because it regulates sebum production. It is also suitable for all hair types for a reset and a fresh start!

Olaplex N°4C clarifying shampoo tuccinardi olaplex 4C

Olaplex N°4P: Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

This somewhat special shampoo is intended for blonde and gray hair .

It is not included in the Olaplex protocol itself, but it can take the place of shampoo N°4 once every 7 to 10 days .

This is a purple shampoo that neutralizes unwanted reflections (golden or coppery) which can appear on light hair, whether natural or brushed/glossed .

You can let it work between 1 to 3 minutes depending on the desired effect.

Violet shampoo Olaplex N°4P - Tuccinardi repigmenting repigmenting neutralizing yellowing shampoo Olaplex 4P


He is essential to use a conditioner after your wash, unless you have very short hair.

The conditioner is a treatment that prevents the fiber from drying out capillary and which makes it possible to tighten the scales of the cuticle. It is said to “smooth” the fiber. It thus facilitates detangling and leaves the soft and shiny hair .

The Olaplex conditioner is therefore number 5.

⚠ Small exception: If all Olaplex numbers are used in chronological order, this is not the case for N°8 . It is a mask, richer than the conditioner, which can also be used after the shampoo.

Olaplex N°5: Bond Maintenance Conditioner

It is therefore the Olaplex conditioner. He hydrates, nourishes and strengthens The lengths.

It is suitable for all types of hair that it sublimates.

You can leave it on towel-dried hair, 2 to 3 minutes or longer , preferably under a hot towel.

Olaplex N°5 Conditioner Bond Maintenance - Tuccinardi

Olaplex N°8: Bond Intense Moisture Mask

This treatment is a deep mask that nourishes more damaged or drier hair.

Do not be fooled by its number, since it only applies after shampoo N°4.

He is more concentrated and richer than condition it.

You can leave it on towel-dried hair, 10 minutes minimum or longer , preferably under a hot towel.

Mask olaplex N°8 for hydration nutrition and deep repair olaplex 8 tuccinardi


Olaplex No. 6: Bond Smoother

It's about a styling cream , an essential for many of us!

Le N°6 protects your hair from external aggressions, maintains the health of your lengths and fights frizz . It comes to form like a shield around the fiber to protect it.

It helps to define waves and curls curly hair.

To apply on wet hair only , after shampoo and conditioner. A hazelnut is enough, to mix evenly between your two hands, to distribute lengths to the tips .

Olaplex N°6

Olaplex No. 7: Bonding Oil

It's a restorative and sublimating oil , called finishing oil, to bring protection and shine to your hair.

It also protects against heat up to 230 degrees.

You can apply it on damp or dry hair daily, on your lengths and ends only.

Olaplex Oil N°7 UV Protection Finishing Oil for Illuminated Repaired Silky Hair tuccinardi Olaplex N°9: Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

This hair serum is a mixture of water and oil, light, which strengthens and nourishes your hair.

It is formulated without silicones and it is the only product in the range that protects against pollution . It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients to revitalize your hair.

Thermoprotective, antistatic and shape memory , it's a real Swiss army knife!

Serum Olaplex N°9 Bond Protector Tuccinardi antistatic antipollution thermoprotective shape memory defines curls

We hope this article will be useful to you. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments . You can also consult the product sheet of each issue, we try to give as many details as possible!

As a reminder, you can benefit from the Olaplex professional protocol in the living room. You can consult our explanatory article if you hesitate between the Tokio or Olaplex treatment wink

Adele, Content Manager.

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