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How to take care of your hair after summer?

Between the sand, the salt, the chlorine and the sun our lengths have been put to the test this summer! So we start the new school year with dry, coarse hair, broken and split ends. This is explained by the fact that the scales of the hair are damaged, the sebum no longer circulates along the hair fiber, and therefore no longer allows them to be protected.

In short, it's a mess!

Resume on a healthy basis:

Refresh your tips . The ends of your hair will surely be the most damaged parts when you return from vacation. If you observe split ends, the most important thing is to cut them. Broken hair can't be fixed, so now is the perfect time to visit your hairdresser and cut a few inches.

Purify your hair . Chlorine and salt can stick to your hair for a long time at the risk of clogging the cuticles. They are also smothered by the heavy metals found in the shower water, which dull the color. I therefore advise you to use the Dream Filter Color Wow which will allow you to eliminate all these metals. It must be left on for 3 to 5 minutes before shampooing.

Adopt a new gentle hair routine:

Avoid damaging them . Indeed, at home they will be subjected to new attacks, we reduce the use of the straightener and rinse our hair with warm/cold water.

STOP hot water for rinsing!

Use the right products for your problem. You mainly need a mild shampoo and a detangling and moisturizing conditioner. Styling products are also necessary to moisturize your hair on a daily basis. All shampoos and conditioners on our store are sulfate and paraben free.

Fill your lack of keratin...

If you've been lazing all your holidays by the pool or at the sea, the UV rays have attacked your hair without you noticing (like on your skin except that it turns red).

Yes, the sun strongly damages the keratin of your hair. This is why it is necessary to do a keratin treatment in the salon at your hairdresser or to use this Tokio Inkarami duo composed of 4 different keratins, which will make up for the lack.

Apply once a week, alternating with the moisturizing duos above.

Watch out , fall is coming...

Food supplements to maintain your hair. Autumn is the season when we lose the most hair. The lengths can become fragile in the face of seasonal changes and because of the temperatures. I therefore advise you to boost them with food supplements, intended for the beauty of the hair. They will act like vitamins and help your lengths stay in top shape all year round!

A cure of 3 months minimum is necessary so that the vitamins can act to the depths of the hair.

In summary , here are some good things to do to help your hair regain shape after spending several weeks with your feet fanned out by the beach.

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