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Boost your hair growth with Aime

We've been looking for a clean, ethical and elegant French brand that works specifically on hair health and growth in particular for a long time... It's now done! We were very impatient to reveal the arrival of a nugget brand on the e-shop, and this day has arrived: Aime Skincare . You have surely already heard of them or perhaps you have seen their pretty products in their partner shops… As attractive as they are gourmet, the brand owes its success to its effectiveness .


1. Personal story of the founder, Mathilde

Created in 2018 by Mathilde Lacombe and François Morrier, two entrepreneurial friends met during a student internship, the brand has been a real success since its inception. And it keeps growing! And for good reason: Aime was born from the personal story of Mathilde, who suffered from rosacea for a long time. To cure this skin condition, she ends up turning to a micronutritionist who introduces her to the wonderful world of the microbiota. Far from being magical, healing takes time, and requires reviewing the entire lifestyle for deep and lasting results . It is not a question of putting a bandage on a symptom, but of looking for the various causes of the problem and of genuinely treating them. On the strength of this experience, Mathilde then teamed up with her friend François to create food supplements that support the microbiota . A little later, they expand the range with very gentle and simple skincare for a minimalist routine.

Aime food supplement before and after rosacea - Tuccinardi

2. Strong values ​​& a clear vision

For Aime, “perfect, filtered, flawless skin does not exist. Beauty starts from within and our skin reflects the different stages of our lives, so it is normal that it constantly evolves”. The brand sees beauty as “an approach towards true, living skin that accepts itself to reveal the best version of itself”.
Aime advocates a simple, clean and effective routine, whether external (skin care) or internal (food supplements). These are 100% clean, vegan, allergen-free and gluten-free . The formulas are developed based on probiotics, minerals and natural ingredients “to provide the best of healthy beauty without excess”.
From Brittany to Provence, via Normandy, everything is made in France . The brand wants to be ethical, sustainable and responsible, and respects both our body and our dear planet. Innovative and evolving , it does not hesitate to reformulate a product if new ingredients are more interesting.
Aime food supplement collagen hair - Tuccinardi


1. A common goal: hair health

One of the most common customer requests is the hair growth routine. But it is far from being the easiest problem to solve, because it is a complex phenomenon in which many criteria come into play. More than a cosmetic concern, it is a medical concern. Hygiene is therefore essential. We must never forget that beautiful hair is synonymous with good health: we reflect our interior.

However, most of the brands already present on our e-shop mainly concern cosmetics and hair care. Even if the results are real and sometimes stunning, they cannot work miracles and fill any gaps. Health before all. We were therefore looking for an expert brand in micronutrition , with which we share common values ​​and a similar identity. But we also wanted a brand that moves away from the anxiety-provoking side of the medical world to approach the world of cosmetics, which is more like us. Aime is the perfect match .

The brand thus offers two types of food supplements that particularly meet the needs of the hair: drinkable collagen , and probiotic-based capsules.

Aime hair health food supplement stimulates growth - Tuccinardi

2. The benefits of collagen for hair

Collagen is an essential protein, naturally produced by our body. It is the guarantor of the regeneration of the skin, bones, hair or nails. From the age of 25 , our natural collagen production begins to decrease, leading to dehydration and weakening of the skin and hair, and the appearance of the first signs of aging. Hair follicles deteriorate which leads to hair loss.

By supplementing with collagen, it is allowed to act in depth to strengthen the hair and limit breakage. Collagen keeps hair follicles healthy and increases keratin production . It firms the hair fiber and strengthens the elasticity of the hair. Hair grows faster, is denser and shinier. And let's not forget, collagen is also a must-have for smooth, plump skin!

Like collagen drinks to stimulate growth - Tuccinardi

But then, why drink it rather than apply it directly to our hair?

Collagen molecules are too large to be properly absorbed by the skin or hair, so it is more interesting to drink it than to apply it in a treatment. Thus, Aime drinks are the ideal beauty gesture to boost hydration and preserve the youthfulness of your skin and hair, while making you happy!

3. What about probiotics?

Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated the link between the intestinal microbiota and the skin microbiota (including the scalp). To put it simply, a healthy intestinal microbiota means healthy skin and healthy hair.

The intestinal microbiota is all the good and “bad” bacteria that populate our intestine. These microorganisms are thousands of billions, it's a real microscopic world that lives in our interior! To be healthy, these bacteria live in harmony, in “symbiosis”. Nevertheless, imbalances are very common and can induce various inconveniences, ranging from skin or hair problems to certain serious illnesses the microbiota is involved in the maturation of the immune system. It is therefore important to take care of our microbiota through a balanced lifestyle, and by diversifying it with good bacteria: probiotics .

Aime Hair & Scalp Boost capsules for hair growth - Tuccinardi


1. Capsules

To fill up with nutrients, provide probiotics and help regulate the intestinal flora:


Aime Hair & Scalp Boost hair growth - Tuccinardi

2. Collagens to drink


Matcha Glow Aime collagen drink - Tuccinardi


Moccha Glow Aime collagen drink - Tuccinardi


Pink Glow Loves Collagen Drink - Tuccinardi

3. The massage and stimulating brush


Scalp brush and Hai & Scalp Boost Aime - Tuccinardi

Important reminder: As detailed in this article, the overall lifestyle is essential to obtain results on the hair. The approach must be holistic. Dietary supplements do not act alone, but they represent a precious help to regain your balance and better reveal your beauty .

Adele, Content Manager

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