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Before/after Olaplex!

If you follow us on the networks, you must know that Thomas loves every Olaplex product. He is even official advocate of the brand, in France 🙂

In this article, we introduce you to the brand and we share a nice before / after Olaplex.

Olaplex products WHAT IS OLAPLEX?

Olaplex is this Californian brand that, since 2014 , has promised to keep our hair healthy. good health preserving their integrity. How does it work?

Thanks to an advanced ingredient , so effective and revolutionary that it is patented : the bis amino molecule .

It is she who keeps our hair soft and silky, despite its exposure to harsh chemicals. In short, she is responsible for little miracles !

It then spares the hair which undergoes a capillary technique , whatever it is: bleaching, coloring, permanent, straightening etc.

It works in different ways:

  • upstream of a technique to prepare the hair for this transformation;
  • during the technique to protect the hair well;
  • at the end of the technique to repair the hair.


Thomas and the N°4P of Olaplex

For experts:

Two products are particularly reserved for hairdressing professionals because they are highly concentrated. They exclusively accompany hair techniques :

  • Olaplex N°1 Bond Multiplier : it is added to each of the mixtures made for a technique, in order to avoid the breaking of the bridges.
  • Olaplex N°2 Bond Perfector : it is used just after rinsing the hair, at the end of the technique. It serves to bind the remaining disulphide bridges

For you :

The brand has developed a whole range that is used at home , in order to maintain our hair between two appointments with the hairdresser.

All products contain the famous bis amino molecule , and therefore have a restorative action . They restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair, and thus provide shine and softness.

Specific care

The brand's flagship products are special treatments that complete the salon protocol, at home: these are N°O and N°3 . These are pre-shampoo treatments that are used once a week, or more occasionally.

The basics

Olaplex also offers a very simple hair routine that can suit everyone on a daily basis: shampoo N°4 and its derivatives ( N°4P and the youngest, N°4C ), conditioner N°5 , and mask N°8 .

Styling products

Finally, the range includes products without rinsing , in other words leave-ins, which make it possible to style and protect the hair for several days: the N°6 cream, the N°7 oil, the N°9 serum.

As you have noticed, each of the products is named by a number : this is the order of application, chronological, of the range. Only the N°8 derogates from the rule: it applies after the N°4. No stress, it's not that complicated 😉


Before Olaplex - After Olaplex

Olaplex treatment: before
Olaplex treatment: after

Like us, you find the result amazing and want to reproduce this before/after Olaplex at home? But you wonder how to apply Olaplex products correctly ? So head over to our Instagram , where Thomas and Mary show you everything on video !

Adele, Content Manager

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