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Before/after Bouclème!

You were expecting it with impatient , Bouclème landed on our e-shop about two weeks ago. And the results are already at appointment ! Specially formulated for curly hair , it has a small effect wink Discover our selection of before/after Bouclème .


Bouclème is an English brand created by a mother concerned about preserving the health and nature of her daughters' hair. Tired of straightening her own hair, and hiding their true nature, she decides to learn about the best way to meet their needs . Objective: to truly understand your hair, and no longer waste its potential !

Before/after Bouclème - Tuccinardi

Have you noticed…

… that the vocabulary used to describe curly hair is often pejorative ? “Unruly” hair, “rebellious” locks that absolutely need to be “tamed” and “smoothed”…

Moreover, by abuse of language , some people use the term frizzy hair to qualify dry hair. However, frizzy hair is a type of hair, just like straight, wavy, curly, curly hair. Admittedly, the more the hair has a tight curl, the more it is prone to dehydration… But frizzy is not synonymous with dryness!

The Bouclème brand was therefore born from the desire to regain power (empowerment) and claim its difference , and thus embodies attractive values ​​such as self-love and self-confidence . To sublimate the nature of her hair, Michele, the founder, based herself on the best that nature can offer us . The plant world is full of healthy and effective active ingredients .


We have selected six products from the range which have largely convinced us:

  • Hydrating Hair Cleanser : moisturizing shampoo
  • Curl Conditioner : hair conditioner
  • Intensive Moisture Treatment : ultra moisturizing mask
  • Curl Cream : styling cream
  • Curl Defining Gel: styling jelly
  • Super Hold Styler : styling gel








This hair routine reveals many surprises , and is suitable for many hair types . If you have straight hair, but find it quite bouncy, and have noticed it wavy after the beach, for example… you could have great results with Bouclème ! This is the case for several of our clients, whose before/after speak for themselves. wink

Before/after Bouclème - Tuccinardi
Before/after Bouclème - Tuccinardi

Also find our favorite before/after on our Instagram .


The essentials , for Every type hair :

The shampoo Hydrating Hair Cleanser - The styling cream Curl Cream

Bouclème Hydrating Hair Cleanser shampoo - Boucleme - Tuccinardi

bouclème styling cream - Curl Cream Boucleme - Tuccinardi

Fine to medium hair / Medium to thick hair

Curl Conditioner Conditioner - Mask Intensive Moisture Treatment

curl conditioner bouclème - after shampoo Boucleme - Tuccinardi

To fix the hairstyle , it depends less on the thickness of your hair than on the way it keeps the curl , and your desires regarding the rendering :

natural effect styling jelly Curl Defining Gel - More sophisticated effect : Super Hold Styler Styling Gel

styling jelly bouclème Curl Defining Gel Boucleme - Tuccinardi

How to combine with Olaplex?

Washing routine at Olaplex : Shampoo n°4 + Conditioner n°5 or Mask n°8

Olaplex N°4 Shampoo - Tuccinardi

The styling routine at Bouclème: Styling cream + Styling jelly or Styling gel

styling jelly bouclème Curl Defining Gel Boucleme - Tuccinardi

bouclème styling cream - Curl Cream Boucleme - Tuccinardi
Bouclème styling gel - Super Hold Styler Boucleme - Tuccinardi

Some Tips

Bouclème allows a natural routine without heating devices ! The infallible technique for sculpting the wave is the scrunch : gently pressing your hair between your hands, from the tips to the skull, upside down. If you hear the characteristic little noise , it's won wink First scrunch with your hands, and a second time with a 100% cotton towel to remove excess product.

After that ? We opt for drying in the open air , or with a diffuser according to our desires and our time. Air-drying already gives great results.

Before/after Bouclème - Tuccinardi

Be careful though : if you do your routine in the evening , wait until your hair is completely dry before going to bed. Otherwise, you may wake up with less defined curls and waves.

For the refresh , in the morning: mix the styling cream or the styling gel, according to your preferences, with water in a spray and spray on your hair (two parts water for one part product).

If these before/after Bouclème inspire you as much as they fascinate us, visit our e-shop to find out if Bouclème is just as successful for you!

Adele, Content Manager

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