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Beauty goes through an incalculable number of treatments and protocols. For the maintenance of the hair , in particular, all means are used to make it silky and shiny . However, as sensitive as the skin, they end up being attacked by dint of being subjected to chemical treatments . Japan is innovating and bringing a big boost to the world of cosmetics with the TOKIO IN KARAMI hair care range that we are pleased to offer in the salon and on the e-shop.

The TOKIO INKARAMI hair care range: what is it?

For a few years now, everyone has been talking about these products. So let's enlighten those who haven't discovered it yet!

It is indeed a range of repairing hair care developed by a Japanese brand renowned for its quality products. The role of this range of treatments is to bring more life to damaged hair , through the overuse of thermal tools (straighteners, curlers, hair dryers, etc.), coloring/bleaching products.

These products have the distinction of being effective for all hair types. They are suitable for both straight and curly hair. Applied over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, this treatment repairs all the damage caused to the hair by chemical or thermal attacks. It regenerates them, then gives them more tone and shine.

How to do the TOKIO INKARAMI treatment?

  • First step: washing the hair with a neutral pH shampoo.
  • Second step: application of amino acids, keratin and fullerene on the hair to repair the damage in depth and tone it. Steam for about twenty minutes to allow the product to act.
  • Third step: application of keratin, polymer and fullerene to ensure smoothing of the hair.
  • Fourth step: application of 18MEA fatty acid and ceramide to protect the hair against any aggression.
  • Fifth step: application of a special spray to ensure total repair and protection of the hair.

How much to pay for the TOKIO INKARAMI treatment?

This revolutionary treatment based on plant products is well established. All the women who have experienced it have come out of it more than satisfied. Not only is the result obvious, but each of the steps plays a very specific role.

It's good to know that one treatment using this hair care range is worth all the products and shampoos you have at home. This treatment is much more effective and powerful.

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