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If you know Thomas, you know that he is absolutely a fan of products Olaplex and he uses them each of his techniques .

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Olaplex is a brand created in 2014 in California , which is committed to developing cutting-edge technology to obtain innovative results and ever more efficient.

There bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate (bis amino for short), is a molecule that is barbaric only in name! Patented by Olaplex, it is a single element without silicone or oil which permanently restores damaged bridges in the hair structure to make it healthier, stronger and more resilient .

Want to know why Thomas worships (no, but almost!) this brand? We took advantage of the lunch break to wedge him between two sweeps and ask him all the questions you might raise. Did you see on Instagram the trip he made to Hawaii ? Yes, the setting was heavenly, but Thomas did not take it easy! Ok, a little, he admits it himself, he delighted his peepers. But in reality, he was invited to a Olaplex event intended for its representatives. Do you know there are only two official advocates of the American brand in France? And there, it is he who dazzles us wink

We thought we were going to make an article out of it .

Tuccinardi Official advocate Olaplex


When did you discover the brand?

"I discovered Olaplex about four years ago. I had already been a professional hairdresser for eight years. At that time, I was working as a freelancer. in a classic living room, in which I rented an armchair. Often, clients would show me inspirations from US-based hairstylists. It was about great hair transformations , which required a lot of work and technique. I didn't understand why I couldn't get the same results, I thought there was a bug somewhere. I resolved to stop this kind of challenge because I didn't want to damage the hair fiber of my clients. In fact, it was mainly because I was not using the right products… Until I saw more and more of the brand coming back Olaplex on networks : I then took a closer interest in it.”

What was your first experience with Olaplex?

“The day a client wanted to go from brown to blonde, I had the opportunity to test their products. From this first use, by precisely respecting the protocol, I noticed that the results were finally here . It allowed me to push the lightening without damaging the hair. It was a real “ game changer ”!

Initially, I offered the Olaplex treatment as an option for my clients, à la carte, to learn how to work with it. But very quickly, I integrated it into each of my performances because I couldn't live without it !”

In the end, this discovery was decisive for you, it led you to take off, heading for the United States!

"Completely ! I left for a month San Francisco , with the idea of ​​finding a job there, and learning new techniques. In France, I couldn't find the adequate training to progress, and I wanted to work with the products Olaplex , still little known. I loved this experience so much that my future boss helped me get a visa, and I ended up staying there two years . I got a new diploma there to validate my French skills.

Olaplex was an integral part of this show and trainings. It confirmed my love for the brand. That's when I decided to use it exclusively, to make it a priority for all my techniques . That's how the Signature Scan was born. Even today I use Olaplex on every hair that passes through my hands. It is an essential thanks to its patented molecule. No other brand can achieve this level of hair protection and repair. Olaplex was designed for all hair types, which allows me to use the product on all my clients.”


How did you manage to become official advocate (official spokesperson) from Olaplex ? Was it a particular desire that you carried within you or did you simply seize an opportunity?

“I provoked fate. I am so in love with this brand that I wanted to be noticed by Olaplex thanks to social networks. When I returned from the United States, I struggled to find a representative who markets Olaplex for hairdressing professionals. The brand was not yet sufficiently recognized in France, so I wanted to put their name here to the greatest number. It was after several discussions with management based in New York City and California that the brand trusted me and gave me the status of official advocate . My Signature Scan seduced them, because it is very melted, natural, without highlighted effects. This is the subtlety of our “ French touch ”! Also, we share the same fundamental value: preserve the hair first and foremost .”

Why did you become official advocate Olaplex ?

“I love and believe so much in this brand and this new patented molecule that is for me a revolution and an essential in the world of hairdressing. It allowed me to push my limits to always go further in the transformations. THE possibilities are almost endless ! You can do anything with it, from the smallest transformation to the most spectacular.”

Do you use the products Olaplex on your hair?

“Yes I use Olaplex on my hair, shampoo N°4 as well as the conditioner N°5 with the styling cream N°6 . I love their texture, their smell… I recently integrated the serum N°9 to my routine for protection against pollution in big cities. Friends from Lyon, friends from Lyon, I know, you know wink

Tuccinardi Official advocate Olaplex


Tell us a bit about your trip to Hawaii. What exactly did you do there?

“I went to Hawaii as part of a seminar organized by Olaplex . The purpose of this seminar was to get to know the whole family Olaplex and its representatives from all over the world. This allowed us to create a link among all of us, to discuss our ways of working with products, to preview new products and to discover the ambitions of the brand. I especially loved the personal development workshops that have been proposed to us to invite us to push back our limits. Today there are only 100 official advocates in the world, and I am happy to be part of this family.”

Your next meeting with the brand?

“The seminar takes place once a year, in the United States. I see them again in January 2023, maybe in Los Angeles.”

Your future projects with them?

“Beautiful things are looming with them, I am honored that they appreciate my work . Unfortunately, I can't reveal anything yet! Get ready, the month of June will be very interesting wink

Tuccinardi Official advocate Olaplex

Olaplex products are present on the e-shop . A whole range has been developed to use them at home, quite simply, and to obtain hair as WOW as "at the hairdresser's"!

Adele, Content Manager.

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